Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 2: Write An Appealing Speech

One of the best ways to write an appealing speech is to attend and observe as many different types of presentations as possible. This will give the individual a chance to make careful observations on the various aspects of the speech, its presentation and the presenter itself.

Putting It On Paper

The following are some elements to consider when trying to write, an appealing speech that will ensure the complete attention and participation of the listening audience:

• Making observations as to the types of contents used and how it is put together, will give the individual an idea of what would appeal to the audience. A matter such as the flow, the timing, and the humor injected into speech is something definitely worth observing and learning.

• Deciding on a theme based on the research done about the audience and their interest, the individual can then come up with interesting and “meaty” content material. The match between the audience and the material to be presented must be accurate, as any mismatch would eventually result in the entire speech being a disaster.

• Making the impactful points, with the use of visual aids, may help to reinforce the points being made. More often than not, material that includes visual emphasis provides the extra interesting element that would help to encourage the audience to pay closer attention to what is being featured.

• Another important point most people forget to consider is how long the duration of the speech should ideally be. When this information is known, then the individual can design the speech in a way that includes, humor, visual presentation, and interactive sessions if the particular style calls for it, and perhaps even the inclusion of physical demonstrations to further cement the impact the speech is meant to make.

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