How to be ahead of the pack and lead the way

Chapter 2: Winning Sales

Take a minute to consider all those individuals with whom you've worked but to whom you haven't sold anything. It’s likely a big number as the truth is that you don’t sell to most of the individuals you work with. We're now going to take each individual who's landed in this class over the last 6 months and win over the “unsold” into the “sold.”

Get The Sale

Though seldom used, this maneuver really works; after all, don’t these individuals remain unsold merely because you did not transact with them? Everybody winds up doing something; it's simply an issue of when and with whom. The reality that you failed to close an opportunity and then cast off or blanked out that lead doesn't mean that individual is no longer possibly in the market for your services.

Simply because you stopped following up or the prospect bought from somebody else doesn’t exclude that individual as being a lead for you today. Perhaps he or she couldn’t afford your merchandise at the time, wasn’t quite prepared, or detained a decision with the aim to reconsider. Perhaps the prospect couldn’t acquire funding at the time, perhaps you had the individual on the incorrect product, or perhaps he or she purchased from somebody else and isn’t pleased with that decision.

This greatly neglected opportunity must be won over so that you are able to gain ground and conquer. Don’t blow time fretting about the fact that you didn’t sell to these likely prospects earlier. They still make up a feasible opportunity and shouldn't be written off as component of past experience or as “losses.”

Instead, they ought to be reactivated till they become a succeeding sale or a part of your ever - flourishing place of power. Such leads are great individuals to add to your “personal drop in” call list. Remember, everybody knows other people—and the more hoi polloi you're affiliated with, the more individuals you'll know and will know you!

Probabilities are that you haven’t pursued leads diligently enough, consistently, or long enough. The fresh business you require is sitting safely away in your file cabinet. As you’ve already vested the time and energy, simply continue following through and chipping away till you get the gold. The most beneficial way to accomplish this is to go through your notations or database.

Impart all of your weapons to your acquisition of fresh clients— including calls, messages, mail, e-mail, and personal visits and never quit following through. I've prospects that I've called daily for twenty days consecutively before they ultimately took my call. No matter the reason they’re not phoning me back, when it comes time to doing something with a product like mine, I'll be the one they consider 1st. Is that a bit much? Not if you wish to be 1st!

If the individual hasn't purchased from you, conduct freshly investigations as if you haven’t before. You'll have to begin this sale over from scratch. Don't assume that what the prospect previously wanted is uniform with what he or she requires or wishes now. Ask the individual what has shifted since then. Ask why he or she chose not to do anything at that time.

Then enquire, “What are you looking to achieve today?” This sales cycle might grow and require you to begin new investigative tactics, launch a fresh presentation, maybe present a completely different product, and deliver a fresh proposal. Don't shortcut any of your sales steps as you did them originally. Begin this whole sale over and discount anything that you’ve done previously; it's no longer pertinent.

Remember: each contact is more useful than merely the one sale. This individual will purchase again and probably knows other people who will purchase. Once again, the sole difference between a contact and a buy is the relationship.

Remember to follow-up each call with a letter, and put this person on your list of personal contacts and your designated visits on your calendar. Carry on fostering these “lost” opportunities till they join the ranks of your customer list.

Convincing unsold leads may be fruitfully utilized on leads who have inquired about your merchandise or service inside the last year or two—occasionally even 3 years ago or longer. But, the best leads would likely be those who contacted you inside the past 6 months. But, you have to be creative in continuing to follow up. You can't simply center on marketing your product.

Make the decision that nobody is going to persuade you from doing your task and taking the actions essential to produce the business you wish. I know it might appear a little extreme, but you and I are not seeking approval. We wish to develop our businesses. If you don’t preserve contact, you’ll never produce the relationship necessary to work the contact into a contract.

To make sense of breaking through uncomfortable moments, attempt to determine what the advantage will be once the uncomfortable action pays off. Let’s suppose you want a client who's worth hundreds of thousands to your company and thousands to you—as well as job security and a sense of achievement. Enquire, “Is it worth undergoing the irritation of continuing to follow up—even after I've been told
no—in order to get any hope of getting this accomplished?”

If you don’t follow through, you won't acquire the sale. If you do, you may!

The object lesson:

1. Dedicate to follow up.

2. Your interest in your prospects is more crucial than their interest in you.

3. Say, up front, that you'll continue to follow through till you acquire a result.

4. Be originative in the ways that you follow through.

5. Forever, always leave a message.

6. Never stop, ever!

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