Start Living A Spiritual and Sane Life

Chapter 2: The Problem

We have already established that the mind has nothing to do with spirituality. The same is true for the ego.
But, there's a problem.

Most humans live their life predominantly led (even controlled) by their mind and their ego. And, as long as they are being led by mind and ego, they cannot be spiritual.

They can try, they can trick, they can force themselves to be more spiritual. But, the mind and ego won't allow it.
That means, in order to start living a spiritual life here on earth, in the quickest way possible, i.e now and not tomorrow, we have to address the two main problems first: mind and ego.

So, that is exactly where we will start.
First, our discussions may start to get complicated. (Don't worry, it won't be that bad.) And, then we will start to throw out one thing after another, relating to the mind and ego, until we are only left with you and spirituality.

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