A guide to new marketers on how to make money quickly

Chapter 2: Laying A Foundation For Real Internet Success

Here is the program in a nutshell:

You will be leveraging other people's work at low-cost and reselling this work for a much higher amount of money.

You will be doing this to business owners who desperately need your services. THEY will find YOU because of this system and you may never need to even speak to them, just deliver the service.

When you are done you will set this all up to run on autopilot and will hardly need to do anything except forward orders to them.

It is just that simple. DO NOT overcomplicate this process!

Thousands of businesses rely on the simple principle for earning large sums of money and so will you.

Your target niche will be small businesses and the related services they need to operate every day.

Since small businesses are EVERYWHERE this is a powerful starting place and an EVERGREEN recession proof niche.

Our first step is to understand WHAT EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS AND WANTS and how we will position ourselves easily to offer these fantastic services.

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