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Chapter 2: Gauging Competition

Chapter 2: Gauging Competition

Have you ever attempted to optimise your internet site for Google and other search engines, only to be unsuccessful at accomplishing the desired outcome you were after? The majority of online marketers sooner or later discover themselves to be rather frustrated with their short comings of search engine success.

Several will simply choose to give up and engage in other methods of traffic. Sadly, this is much of the time an error on their part. The majority of online marketers fail to understand that merely one uncomplicated alteration to their approach to search engine optimisation could dramatically improve his or her outcome.

You may be asking, "What is that one uncomplicated alteration? Simple - The answer is keywords. Online traffic success hinges on the keywords you select, and the majority of marketers choose the incorrect ones, which inescapably steers you towards failure and wasted time. Importance of Keyword Research

Luckily, selecting the correct keywords is a rather elementary and straightforward process. You are not required to be a search engine optimisation master, and you are not required to expend a great deal of time, funds, or effort.

In this content I will demonstrate to you how to choose the correct keywords to receive the best possible organic search engine rankings, thereby insuring a costless stream of highly targeted traffic to your internet site.

Prior to beginning with keyword research, we will answer the question: how come search engine traffic is so important for internet site possessors?

Here are some of the key reasons:

1, Search engines put together are one of the most immense traffic generators around the world. • Search engine traffic is composed of extremely targeted traffic.

2, Organic search engine traffic is costless.
Furthermore, organic search engine traffic requires very little up keeping and produces small amounts of headaches. When you've gained lead rankings for your “Cash words” (we will specify this term later on), your rankings, oftentimes, will continue for great periods of time.

This implies that you aren't required to continuously stress over falling behind on your rankings, thereby allowing you to aim more positive energy towards additional prospects of your business.

As well, holding top rankings in Google (and additional search engines) is a beneficial situation for both you and the search engines.
This is why:

3, Google would like to provide people with the most relevant search results possible. Google succeeds when it can supply prime, relevant search results.

Those who explore on Google succeed when they discover internet sites that yield to them the info they’re looking for.

You succeed by targeting the correct keywords and delivering your web site to the top of the organic search

results, therefore gaining the attention of those who are searching for the very subject or niche you are marketing. So in the end, everybody acquires what they desire. What could be better? With that stated, let’s move into the “heart and soul” of keyword searching and how you are able to utilise it to direct clouds of costless search engine traffic to your internet site.

First of all - what is keyword research precisely?

Simply put, keyword research is the substructure of online marketing. If you have knowledge of what phrases or terms your purchasers use to discover data in search engines, you will recognise how to grasp them. You will see precisely which keyword phrases you should concentrate on so that your marketing attempts harvest the most payoffs.

I am certain you have heard the famous marketing tenet, “Discover what people desire, then provide it to them.” The trouble is, nobody genuinely explains how to execute this. That is where keyword research comes in. It allows you to determine what people genuinely desire.

By being aware of precisely what keywords people are utilising to search, and by understanding how to pin point those keyword phrases and terms, you will be able to rank at the top of Google’s organic search results at any time you wish.

Now we will explore a couple of the primary approaches to keyword research.

Do a self examination and ask yourself if you fall under either or both of these categories:

Targeting the most eminent search volume keywords in your niche

Targeting only long-tail keywords in your niche Although both of these techniques are basic, neither of the pair is ideal. First of all we will take a look at high search volume keywords.

These oftentimes are keywords that are merely a few words in length, such as “Pink Roses,” or simply the term “Flowers.” Yes, it perhaps might be a profit generating market, but becoming ranked for such short keywords can be quite complicated.

The amount of additional web sites targeting or contending with you for these keywords is frequently tremendous, so even if you do pull through to the top of the organic results for these keywords, somebody is constantly biting at your heels, attempting to remove you from Google’s top page.

It is a non winning situation. You will constantly be contending for the top pages, constantly marketing to remain in the top rankings where others may discover you. Long-tail keyword targeting as well bear severe drawbacks. These are terms, words, or long phrases consisting of between four, five, or more words inside any granted keyword phrase. (For example, “pink flowers mature best in organic soil”.)

The trouble with long-tail keywords is that they capture small amounts traffic if any from month to month. You are recommended to target and keep up high-ranking results for hundreds, if not thousands, of keywords to bring forth adequate traffic to continuously maintain a profit generating internet site. That is a great deal of hard work.

Producing material for that many keywords is time depleting and may be very pricey.

That leads us to a master of techniques for executing keyword research - targeting “Cash words.” This approach analyses keywords in a more scientific manner.

A “Cash word” is a keyword that consists of really high search volume (high numbers of people are searching for the keyword from month to month) and really low competition in the search engines (small amounts of internet sites are targeting the keyword).

The profits of targeting Cash words are plenty:

You will accomplish multiple first-page ranking in Google’s organic results in the matter of weeks, and occasionally even within days.

You will spend minimal effort.

Your site ranking will adhere to the top of the organic search results like crazy glue.

All of this leads to long-term, automated traffic.

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