Become The Most Successful Upline In The World

Chapter 2: About Being Real

Time literally crept by that following day. I had to go to the meeting...I couldn't stand it any more.

When I got there the main house, it was simply splendid! As a matter of fact, this was the sort of house I‟d always dreamed of having. And horses grazing in the fields. As I arrived at the paddock fence, I called the nearest of the horses. Just then, I observed a horse and rider coming out of the woods, cantering toward me. It was him.

Truth Lesson

The mare I‟d called to and the keenest marketer reached me at the same time. “Well, you surely got her attention. She doesn‟t come to simply anybody. “It‟s great to see you. You‟re 60 minutes early,” he noted. “How are you?” He walked over and extended his hand.

“I‟m great,” I replied“, . . . and a bit anxious.” He laughed, another one of those thundering laughs of his, and stated, “You do learn fast. Thanks for being so truthful. What are you anxious about?” “Well,” I stated as I pointed in a sweeping motion that took in his property, “this isn‟t where I generally find myself on a Friday afternoon. This is a pretty amazing place you‟ve got.”

“You know,” I told him, “I've a dream of owning a place much like this”. “Great,” he stated, “would you like to purchase it?” “I doubt it‟s inside my budget at the minute,” I stated, sarcastically. “I don‟t recall stating how much I‟d sell it for – did I?” “No”, you didn‟t.” “So how do you know whether or not it‟s inside your budget?” he inquired. “All right”, I sighed. “How much?” “2.6 million”, he expressed flatly. “Do you wish to purchase it?”

“Stop it!” I took a firm stand. “This is absurd. You know I don‟t have that sort of cash!” “I don‟t know that,” he stated. “And that‟s not what I inquired. I inquired if you wished to purchase it. Do you – yes or no?” “This is senseless,” I snarled. He stuck up his hand – I quit talking. “Yes or no?” he asked once more. “Do you wish to purchase my house?” “No. Don‟t be idiotic,” I stated. “I'm not being idiotic,” he said. “But – you are! Among the most idiotic things an individual can do is to not tell the truth.” “You're lying,” he stated sternly. “Please,” he said, “tell me if what I'm about to say is true or not: you'd love nothing more in this world than to purchase my house. I'm asking merely if you'd like to purchase my house – yes, or no?” “Well, if you put it that way – yes, I‟d like to purchase your house.”

He smiled. “I do put it that way,” he said. “Tell me, do you frequently have trouble answering the questions individuals ask you?” “Well . . .” I began, but then shook my head and went silent. I looked up at him, attempting to read something from his face – desiring to find the correct answer there someplace. “There's no correct answer,” he stated, as if reading my mind. “There's only your answer, today, to the question.”

We stood in hush for some time. When I finally got up the courage to look at him, he stated, “Look, in our relationship together, I take a firm stand that you and I speak the facts. I believe that will be hard for you, as you don‟t listen, not yet. What you hear me stating is colored by what you say to yourself about what I'm saying. Is that true?”

“Yes,” I told him. He nodded and carried on. “Did you study the book I gave you?” I didn‟t know what to say. How do you study a book without a word in it? “Yes or no?” he inquired, with patience.

“Sure,” I said. “Well, what did you think?” “I'm not sure . . .” “Great!” he shouted. “Come up to the house and tell me all about it.” I wasn‟t sure what to think. So, for the minute, I attempted to think nothing, and just watch where I was going.

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