The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

Chapter 17: Jewel Aquariums

You can walk into your local pet store and buy a plain tank and a hood, then purchase all the lighting and accessories and then the fish to go with it. This is an extremely expensive method to start an aquarium. It is like when you go shopping if there is a multi-pack you buy it, because it is cheaper than buying all the items individually. Buying an aquarium is just the same. If you can get all the items in one bundle for one price it is fantastic. But there is only one manufacturer that does this and they are called "Jewel". Jewel aquariums are ready made aquariums with a stand containing built in filters, heaters and lights, some even include ornaments and gravel.

There are several different kinds of Jewel aquariums: They record 60, 70, 96 and 120. The numbers stand for the size. They all come with the cabinet/stand, light, heater and filter. If you bought this on the internet, it is likely to be a lot cheaper than your fish shop, but your fish shop is likely to be a lot cheaper than you pet shop! There is also the Rio range; they are available in five sizes, the 125, 180, 240, 300 and 400 litres, they come in black and beech. Then you also have the jewel vision series of tanks which include the 180, 260, and 450. This tank offers a curved front glass which makes it different to the other two styles that jewel offers. Last but not least the Trigon range, they are corner fish tanks and stands and are the most expensive of the lot. They include the 190 and the 350. All of the tanks include filtration, heating and heating systems.

All jewel aquariums are beautiful and ready made to suit you. The internet prices usually include delivery. What is great about delivery is that you have a couple of extra people lift the tank in for you which is brilliant as it is very heavy. The cabinets however are to be built at home, they are flat packed!

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