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Chapter 10: Intro to Mobile Ads

Chapter 10: Intro to Mobile Ads

This is an area that you do not want to overlook. Just take a look around you and you will see the abundance of mobile devices being used from iPhones, laptops, smartphones and iPads. So why not take advantage of this by sending paid traffic to people’s mobile ads.

You can use mobile ads with your Google Adsense account, just look for the enhanced campaign feature.This method of advertising is now known as Google Display Networks.

Using mobile ads to brand your business is another aspect which should not be overlooked. Your first advantage is the ability to reach more users than you may have ever thought possible.

You can target your customers by demographics, by which mobile device they are using, by what network they are using and by using keywords.

The advantages of using mobile ads are huge and the following outline the top benefits for you as an advertiser.

Quickly Reach Potential Customers

Create timed advertisements when people are in your local area

Can use a click to call number to allow customers to connect with you

Use download apps so customers can easily download content

Google has incorporated many solutions to help you achieve your advertising goals and these include:

Offer Extensions Click to Download Call Extensions Local Extensions Seller Ratings

Mobile App Extensions Click to Call in Apps

All of the above options allow your customer to interact with your business in some manner. For example the Offer Extension could be used around lunch time to target people in your vicinity to receive a coupon or discount for stopping by. This would be perfect for local restaurants, sandwich stores and pizza places.

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