The Easy Way to Make Exercise a Permanent Part of Your Life

Chapter 1: Why Exercising is a Good Thing

You have probably been told countless times that you should exercise more often. But do you really understand why you should exercise?

For starters exercise is good for the whole body including your mind. This is because your body produces endorphins which when released give you that happy and good feeling experience.

Many individuals who begin an exercise routine report that they start sleeping better at night within days. They also report feeling much better overall.

For women exercising can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Exercise can help improve your muscle mass and strengthen your bones. This is a definite advantage as you head into middle age.

Wellness is a hot topic now and this covers not just exercise but nutrition as well. More people today are concerned about their wellness and are beginning to understand that exercise is a contributing factor to this.

Additional wellness factors include taking physical therapy to help improve your joints, your circulation and increase your overall body movement. There are many fitness classes that are aimed at just getting your body to move again.
These classes are promoted as Functional Fitness and help you with everyday activities, including carry your grocery bags, picking up your grandchildren and doing your household chores. These classes are often aimed at seniors and for those who suffer from a major disability.

Exercise is great for those who want to lose weight. In fact this is such an important factor in weight loss that the trend is for weight loss centers to start including an exercise factor into their programs.

Being overweight puts you at risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure and for having a heart attack. With a little weight loss and exercise added in these risks can be reduced drastically, and results can be seen very quickly.
Exercise should be part of your daily routine and it doesn’t have to involve running 10 miles a day or exercising for hours on end. In the following pages of this course we will show you how to choose an exercise routine, how to get started safely and how to fit all of this into your busy schedule.

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