Skyping Awesomeness: Changing the way we communicate

Chapter 1: What is Skype?

This is a great application used by millions of families to stay in touch even when separated by thousands of miles. One of the great features of Skype is this group video conferencing. Many families with extended family members studying abroad use Skype for this purpose. They are able to see and hear each other. This gives them a sense of relief when they can see that the other party is in good health and are safe.

They don’t feel alone and sad. They get to talk to and see their loved ones on a regular basis. Sometimes even daily if time permits as it’s free. This is even better than talking to friends and family on a phone as you get video confirmation of their safety and well-being.

Video conferencing is also used by many companies in their business meetings where presentations are made and decisions are finalized with both parties even though they are thousands of miles apart. They can see and hear what the other party is saying and can decide immediately if the proposal is good or bad.

Skype can be downloaded onto your mobile phone so that means that you can have online chatting and video calling while you are out and about. Instant communication with business associates, friends and family. And the best part of all this is that it is free for everyone..

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