Easily Find Joint Venture to Build You a Long Term Business Profits

Chapter 1: What is Joint Venture (JV)?

The true definition of JV or Joint Venture is collaboration between two-parties or more, joining their forces in building a business relationship with an agreement to split resources, sales, profits, control, losses & etc. within a particular business entity. Reviews shown, the JV concept is a great method for businesses to join partnership without merging.

Overall, Joint Venture is also been known as a formulated Internet tool to market business. The profit sharing formed between the two business entities is usually 50/50 but some may offer higher profit sharing percentage which equals to 70% of the total sales profits.

Joint Venture (JV) actually operates similar to Affiliate Programs. Still, the JV differs from Affiliate Programs since the two people join in union to work in a single business, utilizing each other‟s resources to profit the business. Affiliate programs require that you work outside of the business to market the goods offered at the affiliate site.

Joint Venture relationships entail one party marketing a site owner‟s product and/or service in exchange for half of the profit the company generates. For instance, take me for example. I have skilled in writing SEO/Keyword Density articles, which enhances the ranking of web sites. I would search for a marketer to join in JV union in the area that fits my expertise. In this case, I can stretch beyond, since my talents will work in nearly any business. What I do is propose to exchange my marketing abilities to the JV partner, promoting his/her business and in exchange, the owner provides me half the profit the business generates.

My Job

What I will need to do is to generate traffic to the JV partner‟s website by enhancing the sites ranking, by writing articles geared to focus on one topic. The articles will include keyword rich content, and will house links that sends the audience to the partner‟s website. I could also use my SEO skills and provide one-way linking exchange to the partner‟s site, thus increasing traffic. Few people will include reciprocal links, which takes more time and will cost money but that is rarely happen in some instances.

My advice is to stick with one-way link exchanges where you merely ask a webmaster to link to his/her site. If they accepted the exchanger may add your link to his/her site. Secondly, I could also write newsletters that send the audience to the JV partner‟s website for promotional purposes. As well, I could add and attract higher traffic returns by promoting the JV partners site through EZINES. Another good idea is placing reviews on various sites that offer relevant information to the site I am promoting.

The Partners Job

The JV partner will provide me information pertaining to his/her business. The JV partner will provide me insight links, connecting my resources to his/her resources, which are pulled together to form a working business unit. Once I begin the promotional campaign, the partner will provide me shares and statements of profits generated, i.e. if I do my part and make the sales.

During the agreement period, I will present an outline of a business plan and a list that houses details relevant to the business. The information in the body of the documents will show the JV partner my abilities, success, skills, talents, human relations (HR) strategies, business strategies, communication skills, etc. I will also draw up an outline or plan that will leave room for exit and/or termination of the position, i.e. if the partner is not holding up to his/her part in the business relationship. If I‟ve done my up most to promote the business and if any failure occurs during the ongoing, the escape plan will leave it open for me to remove myself from the Joint Venture union.

The plan will also include disaster planning, which means I will devise a plan to recover from disaster promptly. Unlike Affiliate programs, the JV strategy pulls together resources in a different manner. For example, if your expertise is in restaurant field you will then look for a partner marketing the foods and items of the restaurant nature. You will use all your strategies, tools, resources, etc. to generate revenue for the business. You might approach local restaurant owners asking if they need the products you are marketing, otherwise you might promote the business by enlisting your own website. You could also generate traffic by adding mini sites, websites, informational pages, and/or reporting pages. Any information should focus on the subject and never mislead or sway the audience in another direction.

If you are on the market for joining a JV union, take the steps to learn all you can to avoid failure. Read, write, review, and put the wheels in motion when considering a Joint Venture union in business. Understanding carve-outs, spin-offs, and trading stocks is essential when considering to Venture Jointly with another party. The spin-offs are a formation of self-governing business by sales and sharing innovative share of surviving businesses/separation of its parenting business partners. Spin-offs determine the productivity of a business, which in this case the business sells less products.

Curve-outs are similar to fractional spin-offs. Carve-outs start with a parenting business selling shares of the business. The process can include hooking up as a team venture shareholder, whereas a fresh team of mangers open an online development, or byproduct. (Spin-off) Joining this type of company is in best interest since the parent business partner will often launch a by-product (spin-off) once the stock prices increase.

Stock markets and stockholders is a common topic. Trading stocks then is a business tracking recitals of specific business divisions that does not have claims on property of the businesses section, or its parenting partners. The trade is sometimes titled stock designer, or vice versa. Most times businesses will keep track of the superior indexes within the stock exchange arena.

The action of trading stocks often focuses on powerful businesses separates their business revenue, and costs, separating them from company‟s income statements, and bounding the shares over to the track stocks. The focus then, is a superior business that presents loss.

Reviewing the three, we can see any business with shares hold potentials higher than that businesses spinning off. Therefore, while considering Joint Venture you may want to check more into the company‟s that curve-out, or else shares in stocks. Still, you want to be careful, since stockholders hold a high risk, since at any time investments can turn sour.

Business is a part of life. Joint Venture is a method, or strategy designed to team up and work together to increase revenue. Few writers claim that Joint Venture schemes have brought businesses off the ground, bringing the company into million-dollar regions.

While the claims may have truths, never jump in a Joint Venture (JV) believing that you are going to become rich overnight. What the writers do not tell you at times, i.e. twoparties or more in a Joint Venture relationship worked hard for a number of years, before becoming rich in the relationship. You can bet the party marketing the products and/or services put a lot of hard work, time and money into bringing the business off the ground.

Still, working in teams often uplifts the odds of productivity. Anytime a single person works alone to make a business grow, the person will often endure scores of setbacks, and all too many times, failure. Joining to make a business grow is smart, since two people or more can work hard to bring in customers to the visit, by providing products, marketing, promoting, selling, etc. while working toward the same goals. If you are not familiar with Joint Venture read all the information available before jumping into the arena of JV.

What it takes to JV collaborates and labor toward goals successfully

It will take time foremost and possibly a small cash investment. Many writers will claim that JV collaborating is practically free and risks are not an issue. I stand to correct this perception, since anything in life presents risks, and nothing in life is free regardless of who claims it is true. If you think about using the bathroom in your home costs you money, accordingly what would make you believe that you will not pay a dime to JV with other partners.

First, to market for JV collaborators you will need a website, which will cost around $20 each month, excluding the startup fees. You will have the ability to write business plans, research, write lists, etc., which will invest your time, which causes you to lose money since you, are focusing outside of the job. Still, you can re-earn the money you wasted by investing the time on searching for JV collaborators, i.e. if you join with a profitable party. You will never get your time back. you will also spend hours, days, months, etc working to market the business you have joined, which may lead to additional fees, e.g. you may pay for exchanging links which is part of marketing method on the Internet.

Thus, what it takes to JV collaborates and labor toward goals successfully comprises:

  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • People Skills
  • Business Tools
  • Managerial Skills
  • Human Resources
  • Resources
  • Diligence
  • Trust
  • Verification
  • Investigative
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Etc.

Motivation is at the top of the list, why?

At a time, I was convinced like everyone else in the world that communication is the #1 mechanism of human nature that determines the direction any relationship will go. At this point, I redirect the perception, since if you do not have motivation you will not have the ability to communicate effectively. With motivation in gear, you will need communication skills, since marriages, friendships, business collaborators, etc. have all failed when breakdown in communication existed.

People skills are a gift of nature, yet it is thing learnt. People Skills include communication, motivation, human resources, resources, intelligence, knowledge, experience, trust, etc.

To give you an example of proper people skill communication we can review the following information e.g.
“I was thinking that you and I could join in a venturing journey to success,” said Jenny.

Jenny is not thinking straight since her sentence is weak, and will put doubts in any professional business mind.

Jenny should have said, “While considering Joint Venture, I conducted a thorough research and discovered your company. Nothing in my discovering where products that I found of interest, and realized that I have a wealth of resources that could benefit the company, as we work together as a team.”

Jenny continues, “On this note, I’ve compiled a list and business plan that will lead you to a clear understanding of my visions, skills, experience, resources, etc., and will put you in connection with my goals, which are in sync with your goals. WE as a team could likely join in union with joining resources to increase revenue and volume of business. Since I have a wealth of connections that are interested in your product, and you have the products my resources are interested in, furthermore, my skills and experience including web marketing, email campaign, SEO creation, Keyword Dense abilities etc., could enhance marketing, bringing traffic in numbers to the websites marketed.”

Jenny has done a better job at writing a request to join JV prospects. Mary pointed out in her request information that poses interest to any collaborator, i.e. resources, experience, teamwork, etc. In other words, Mary pointed out that she is talented in working in teams to produce a goal. Still, the sentence could be structured in a fashionable manner that could increase Mary‟s chance of landing JV partnership with a prospering business.

You may find some sample of letter at the last few pages on this course.

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