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Chapter – 1: What is Article Marketing?

Before we go any farther, we need to define article marketing.   Sometimes it is easier to start by defining what article marketing is not, to clear up the first misconception that many new article marketers face.  It is not a one shot deal. It is not a once and done sort of arrangement. You have to put continuous effort into article marketing and you reap continuous rewards. Article marketing is a simple procedure once you start the process, but you can’t expect everything to snap together in a single instant just because you sent out one article.  This is the most unfortunate of misconceptions, because a lot of potential is wasted when someone believes that just a few articles will be enough.  At the end of a week, just when they are getting their flow started, they leave the game. Had they simply kept at it for a little while longer they would have seen exactly how the process works for them.

They also would have seen that it is a much cheaper method of advertising and traffic driven response than anything else available in the internet today.  Article marketing is an easy method of bringing traffic to your website should you choose to stick with it. Many article marketers see results in as little as ten to fourteen days, and then continue to watch their progress daily.  When you start to see the results, you see how just a few hours of your time has paid off. That is the beauty of article marketing.  The most important aspect of article marketing is commitment to do just a small something toward your progress every day.  The articles that you are writing or are having written for you will drive your web traffic to your site through a system of checks and balances set in place via Google and the other search engines.  There are ways to go about increasing your web traffic without wasting a single drop of effort, which we will continue to explore.  As you begin the article marketing campaign, you do have to consider your niche market and how you are going to present your website in a new and interesting way.

Not all articles will be straightforward versions of discussing the latest implementations of pet supplies or whatever you wish to sell on your website. There are many varying aspects for every topic.  Your articles need to reflect such a variance. It’s not all that difficult, it just takes some forethought. For instance, if you are selling pet supplies on your website, think about what problems they might solve.  Think about the money that can be saved. Why should someone be interested in reading your articles, other than you want them to?   What problem in every day life do they solve and how do they make people’s lives better or easier? Once you can answer these questions, you have a place to start.  Even if you don’t think your website will offer much difference in someone’s life, there are diamonds in the rough in every topic.  Even if you can just answer a few questions about the products to help consumers make a reasonable and intelligent choice. When you go online to find out information, what do you stop and read?   When you find something interesting to read, is it always exactly on the money or did you get distracted while looking for something else? That’s no coincidence.

People find themselves on websites that they never intended on visiting simply because the website came up on their search results and something about it caught their attention. These topics aren’t always directly related, but if you can draw a reasonable conclusion from one topic to another, you are in business.  Perhaps your pet products might be a topic for discussion when it comes to caring for the health of a pet as well as benefiting the consumer because it is also an easy way for them to save time.  If you only focus on the pet product and you forget about saving time, you have missed a niche. This is simply an overview, and you will be able to develop these thoughts in more certainty as we continue through the process.  Article marketing is designed to leverage your efforts. You want to find yourself in the position of having more income coming in than your efforts would demand if you were paid for an hourly job.  Leverage is the internal key to almost all wealth. You can only do so much in a twenty four hour period. Because of this fact, you have to find ways to make your time count for double, triple, and quadruple your general efforts.   Of course, this is what article marketing can help you do. You start on one leg of the ladder and you continue up through the next rung.

Every time you step up onto the next rung, you are leveraging your efforts.  There is something known in leveraging marketing principles known as leverage marketing, or the 80% rule. If you take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the last 20% on the left side, you are left with 80% of the paper to the right.  This large portion illustrates your income while the smaller version indicates the effort and time you put into it. When you have reached leverage of this magnitude, the last worry on your mind will be money.  You get there by taking it one step at a time one day at a time. So if you opt for article marketing, and who wouldn’t considering its ease and success rate, you can expect to see results like the 80% within a relatively short period of time. You have your niche market.  You are thinking about the various aspects of your website. Now you have a goal to make your efforts count much more than a one time shot.  The most interesting part of article marketing is its longevity. Once you submit an article, that piece will continue working for you indefinitely. The more articles you have out there on the internet, the more pieces you have working for you indefinitely.

Thus, if you are able to plaster just ten articles per day, your article marketing campaign would have seven times the power by the end of the week.   This is the process of leveraging in action. This is the basic premise that makes article marketing so successful.  If you are seeking out a new niche market, or you aren’t sure what type of website you want to promote, paying a visit to the Clickbank website can be helpful.  This is a website designed to help internet marketer through a click through charge service. Just by going through the top ten niche markets you can discern whether there is a new concept out there that will invite you to join the market or if the website you already have is on the “hot list.”  There are many ways to go about article marketing. If you have a website, then you already know what you are looking to promote. Of you are starting from scratch, you might consider looking into affiliate websites or taking on one of the up and coming web based businesses that offer a product or service already.  Your business, whether it is already up and running or not quite formulated in reality, will benefit from article marketing either way.

If you are still floundering, check out Amazon and other top booksellers. The biggest income maker that has remained at the top of the income list for the last ten years is the sale of information. People want to know how to improve their lives.  They want to love better, eat better, lose weight faster, parent better, be a better friend, and make more money faster and they are willing to spend $20 and sometimes even $50 on the information that they believe will get them there.   The sale of information is the reason that mail order businesses were so popular during the nineties and why email lists are so vital. Information is powerful, and those who are fortunate enough to be able to sell quality information are the ones that are most likely to pull ahead of the pack.   Scanning through the top selling non—fiction informational and self improvement books can give you a very clear idea on what information the world is craving at the time.



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