Be In Touch With Your Vulnerable Side

Chapter 1: Vulnerability Basics

Everything and everyone are susceptible to vulnerability at one time of another, be it at different stages and degrees. Thus it is important to understand the basics of vulnerability. Often described as the susceptibility of an individual, group, society or system to emotional or physical changes made either indirectly or directly impacting the fore mentioned.

When a certain situation presents itself the individual, group or system responding to that particular scenario is often dictated by the allowance or manipulation depicted within the relaxing or leeway is given towards the outcome.
When this relaxed or unguarded frame is introduced into the scenario, it often contributes to the manipulation, persuasion, temptation or any other factors which eventually produces the vulnerability state. This state of vulnerability opens the focus for censure, criticism, and unfounded blaming exercises.

The Basics

The existence of the vulnerability element can have far reaching implications within relationships, communities, systems and others. It can and often does cause disastrous results. Because of the likelihood of this occurring most individuals learn to build a defense mechanism which almost literally alerts them to the possible hint of an onset. Feelings are kept in check, verbal and physical expressions are also exercised with some amount of deliberate control and generally causing a somewhat hardened approach towards anything and everything.

Vulnerability, however, is not only limited to “feelings” but can also cover other aspects of the environment, social forces, institutions and cultural values. Often things are taken for granted or simply not given the due importance it merits thus eventually causing the situation to become vulnerable which in turn gives way to possible disaster or at the very least some negative implications.

Some of these elements like global warming which is currently at a very vulnerable and precarious point can continue to such an extent that recovery is hard if not impossible.

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