Advantages of unity mentality

Chapter 1 Unity Basics

No man is an island and so, nobody can fulfill all of his or her responsibilities without the help and motivation of others. Truly, a company, a sports team, or organization will be miserable if the members of it will not be willing to work with one another. A certain group will not be able to achieve its vision and mission if there’s no unity and teamwork.

Here in this course, you will learn more about one word: UNITY and its benefits to you, to your peers and to your group. Start reading today and find the right answers to all the questions you have in mind.

Unity is one of the most important things that every person should consider. Wherever you go, you will find that unity matters to everything as it is very essential inside a company, organization, and even in a community.

Just imagine a group of people working and helping each other in doing and completing a certain activity. Visualize how much they care for each other. That’s a very pleasing one, right? That’s what unity can do. With unity, everything works fine. When each member of the team starts to care for each other, no problem will be hard to resolve.

If unity is absent and every member of the group is not willing to work with one another, problems will be on the way. If unity is absent in your team, these things will surely happen:

 When there’s a problem that could lead to failure of the team to achieve its goal, the members will keep on blaming each other. No one of them will admit the fault or if someone happened to acknowledge that he or she was the cause of the problem, the other members of the team will blame him or her. This could not be the outcome if the members worked together right from the start.

 If someone in the team needs help, other members will simply ignore that person. They will not even pay even some of their time to help. They will keep on making excuses as they only want to focus their attention and time on their own responsibilities. A group that practices unity considers helping someone in need of assistance as a very important obligation.

 When it needs to make decisions, the group which is not practicing unity will be divided into two. This will lead to misunderstanding and debating.

 The goal of the group will not be easy to achieve. The whole group will take more time to work hard for the fulfillment of the goal. There’s a little to no chance of achieving a great result.

 The members typically prefer to be alone when working. They will not ask help from one another even if they are already having a hard time in accomplishing the assigned task to them.

These are the common issues that a group will experience if the members are not paying attention to each other. A “group” that is not practicing unity cannot be actually called and recognized as a group and that is for the reason that they are not working hand in hand. When you say a group, it is composed of people who work together with care and concern for everybody. So, if your group is not practicing unity, do you think your “team” is really a team?

Why Is Unity Important?

Whether you’re a player, a member of a certain organization or a part of a very important project inside a company…whoever you are one, thing you must keep in mind and that is to work together with others. In order for a company or a team to function appropriately and meet its objectives, unity is vital.

Unity affects a lot a team, a community or a company and it can either make or break everything. With unity, people will be a few steps away from their objectives. It will benefit each and every one.

If unity is valued, these things can be achieved:

Efficiency and Work Speed

A united group of people is typically more capable of accomplishing the tasks faster and effectively. Employing the strength of every team member & dividing the work consequently encourages enthusiasm, a sense of assurance and greater effort. This in the end will cause a stronger result. With unity, you will find every task is done without exerting too much effort and a team will not take more time in completing each task. It also means that the whole process becomes smoother.


Team unity could also go far in terms of creativity and developing brilliant and new ideas and tactics. When people with different minds and ideas gather, the available choices will be plenty and diverse. Aside from having more ideas to choose from, unity is also producing ideas across the range, as the members of a group come from varying life experiences and perspectives.

Team Power

As a person joins a group, he or she turns out to be a stronger force. If you will not be willing to work with others, no matter how dedicated or talented you might be; there would be some things that you can’t do either because of the limitations of skill, time and experience. A united group has power and it can complete far greater tasks for the reason that it draws on different strengths, collection of skills, experience as well as the united flexibility of the members.


In a company of a solid group, the process of learning could also turn out to be significantly easier. When you interact with others, you will find that learning becomes a more substantial and real experience. Being a member of a group allows a person to obtain a fresh perspective on issues.

Support and Motivation

The members of a group who are united motivate, support and inspire one another. An individual who prefers to work alone has to rely only to himself for enthusiasm to plow all the way through difficult situations. If a person chooses to join a group and work with the members of that team, he or she can depend on their assistance whenever he or she needs it. Besides, a united member helps in motivating others throughout the good and bad times.

As you can see, unity can bring so much benefits that everyone will certainly enjoy. Your team deserves to experience such benefits and you can start making it possible today. With determination and willingness to succeed, you will soon be able to deal with others well and that will eventually let you learn how to be united with them.

Two Main Ingredients That Create Team Unity

New leaders of teams or managers are always curious to learn the secret ingredients which create unity inside a group. They think there’s a secret they should know…but the truth is that there’s no secret.

Team unity can be formed through combining two essential aspects and these two are the following:

 Unity can be created when individuals care about the goal of their team.
 It can also be created when the members of the group care for each other.

Without these 2 ingredients, unity will never be formed and you will have nothing to promote. On the other hand, team unity depends on how much concern every person in the group shows. Groups that are low-performing and dysfunctional care very little for any of the two. Meanwhile, those teams that are able to achieve average success might care a good bit for each other. And, those groups that are high-performing ones care a lot about each member.

The role of the leader here is identifying which of these ingredients is absent or in the least supply. He or she needs to be the catalyst for team improvement. This can be done by providing reflection, motivation and interaction.

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