Law Of Attraction: Harness The Power Of Now And Attract Everything You Have Ever Dreamed Of

Chapter 1: Understand

When we're simply present to what we are going through, we observe all types of sensory details that are commonly overlooked. The surprising thing is the amount of pleasure that may be felt in experiencing the simplest of matters totally.


The heat of the sun, the softness of cloth against the body, the brilliance of the wild blue yonder, the squishiness of the planet below our feet, the fragrance of a pine tree, the buzz of something in the distance are all things to be experienced in the here and now. The ego isn’t satisfied with these experiences as it isn’t fulfilled with anything.
We aren’t fulfilled with such things either when we are identified with the ego as identification with the brain keeps us from totally experiencing them.

But what is life but the experience of these childlike things? The pleasure of being in the here and now goes beyond the delight of the senses. To go deeper into our heart and soul, there is a different really crucial step, once we are totally sensing without the blocking of the mind’s comments, and that is to totally experience the essence that sensory experience has on our self.

When you look at that pretty flower or hear the songs of a bird, what affect does it have on your inner energetic experience? What is your self going through? Or a different way of asking this is, what are your heart and soul experiencing of this minute? What makes the selection of being in the here and now hard is that you have to surrender your need to understand.

The ego provides you a fake sense of understanding, which is soothing, even though the ego doesn’t truly understand where life is going or what will occur next. So all you truly have to give up is the pretense of understanding, not actual understanding. The reality is you don’t understand what the next minute holds.

That is both the challenge of being in the here and now and, really, the true pleasure of it. To be in the moment, you have to be willing to simply be and to react by nature to what arises out of the flow, without pretending to understand what to accomplish next or what will occur.

The thing is, you have never recognized what was going to occur or what to accomplish next. Accepting that you don’t understand lets you move out of your egoic mind and into the here and now, where real happiness, peace, and alignment with true self and its intentions are conceivable.

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