Motivate Yourself For Success

Chapter 1: There are basically 3 main steps

Chapter 1: There are basically 3 main steps

1) Write Your Goals

2) Identify and Focus on Your Outcomes

3) Get Social!

Too simple? Maybe- but again, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Let me show you what I mean, starting with Step 1.

Write Down Your Goals

Just about every business or mindset book I’ve ever read has talked about setting goals.

But there’s a reason for that, right?

It’s because goal-setting is a skill that is a major factor in helping people stay focused and motivated.

Plus, if so many successful people are telling you to set goals- and your brain or your not-so-successful friends are telling you goals are dumb...

Are you really listening to the right person?

If Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest stock investor, told you to invest in Stock X- would you really invest in Stock Y instead, just because your friend told you to? Probably not.

So why do you do that with setting goals? Brushing them off, thinking that it’s just a bunch of new-age mumbo jumbo?

The bottom line is- goals work if done correctly.

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