Secrets Of The Subconscious Millionaire Mind

Chapter 1: The Way We Think

You decide based on what you feel is logical, judicious, and appropriate for you at the time. You make what you believe is the correct choice. The issue, however, is that your correct choice might not be a successful choice. In fact, what makes perfect sense to you might systematically produce utterly poor results.

For example, let’s say I'm in the mall. I see this green handbag on sale for 25 percent off. I immediately go to my brain files with the question “Should I get this handbag?” In a nanosecond, my brain files come back with the response: “You’ve been seeking a green handbag to go with those green shoes you purchased last week. Purchase it!” As I rush to the checkout, my brain isn't only thrilled about having this beautiful handbag, but glowing with pride because its25 percent off.

To my brain, this purchase makes utter sense. However, at no point did my brain come up with the thought “True, this is a truly nice handbag, and true, this is a good deal, but today I’m 3000 dollars in debt, so I’d better wait.” I didn’t come up with that data because no file in my brain contains that. The file of “When you’re in debt, don’t purchase any more” was never established and doesn’t exist, which means that specific choice isn't an option.

Our Brains

If you’ve got files in your cabinet that are non-supportive to financial success, those will be the sole choices you may make. They’ll be instinctive, automatic, and make utter sense to you. But ultimately, they'll still produce financial failure or mediocrity at the best.

Conversely, if you’ve got brain files that support financial success, you'll naturally and automatically arrive at choices that produce success. You won’t have to consider it. Your normal way of thinking will result in success, sort of like Donald Trump. His pattern way of thinking brings about wealth.

When it comes to cash, wouldn’t it be unbelievable if you could inherently think how wealthy people think? Well, you may! The opening move to any change is awareness, meaning the opening move to thinking the way wealthy individuals think is to know how wealthy individuals think.

Rich individuals think really differently from poor and middleclass individuals. They think differently about cash, wealth, themselves, others, and pretty well every other aspect of life. We’re going to examine a few of these differences and, as part of your reconditioning, install alternative “wealth files” into your brain.

With fresh files come fresh choices. You may then catch yourself when you're thinking like poor and middle-class individuals and consciously switch your focus to how wealthy individuals think. Remember, you may decide to think in ways that will support you in your happiness and success rather than ways that don’t.

A few cautions to start out. In no way, shape, or form do I mean to demean poor individuals. I don't believe that rich individuals are better than poor people. They’re just richer. At the same time, I wish to make certain you get the message, so I’m going to make the distinctions between the rich and poor as extreme as possible.

When I talk about rich, poor, and middle-class individuals, what I'm referring to is their mindset—how different people think and act instead of the actual sum of money they’ve got or their value to society.

I'll be generalizing. Again, my objective is to make certain you get the point of every principle and utilize it. For the most part, I will not always be referring to the middle class specifically, because middleclass individuals commonly have a mix of rich and poor mindsets.

Several of the precepts might appear to deal more with habits and activities than with ways of thinking. Our activities come from our feelings, which come from our thoughts. Consequently, every rich activity is preceded by a rich way of thinking.

Finally, I’m going to ask you to be willing to relinquish being right! What I mean by that is, be willing to relinquish having to do it your way. How come?

As your way has gotten you precisely what you’ve got today. If you wish more of the same, continue doing it your way. If you’re not yet wealthy, however, perhaps it’s time you consider another way. It’s up to you. The concepts you're about to learn are simple but profound. They make true changes for real individuals in real life. If you learn them and utilize them, I'm confident they'll transform your life too.

At the end of each section, you'll come across a proclamation and a physical movement with which to “anchor” it into your body. You’ll likewise find activities to take do support you in acquiring this wealth file. It's crucial you put each file into action in your life as rapidly as possible so that the knowledge can move to a physical, cellular level and produce lasting and permanent change.

Most individuals understand we're creatures of habit, but what they don’t recognize is that there are really two kinds of habits: doing habits and not-doing habits. Everything you're not doing right now, you're in the habit of not doing.
The only way to alter these not-doing habits into doing habits is to do them. Studying will assist you, but it’s a whole different world when you go from studying to doing. If you're really serious about success, prove it, and do the activities suggested.

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