How To Rake In MASSIVE Recurring Profits From Private Label Rights

Chapter 1: The Master Resell Rights Strategy

We are going to cover PLR Profit Strategy #1 and this is what I call the Master Resell Rights Strategy. Personally, this is my personal favorite strategy that I have been using to build my opt-in mailing list especially.

In fact, this strategy alone is proof enough that no matter how many other people own the same PLR products as you do, it won‟t stop you from making big profits. Like what I did, I pulled off a launch in 6 days and raked in, let me see, $19,576 in total sales. And it relates a lot to what I am going to share with you soon. And take note, I didn‟t get there by selling products at basement prices because if I sell a product for $10 for example, I need to sell like almost 2,000 copies. That‟s ridiculous and not really smart, unless I was looking for a loss leader or something. The thing as well is, even when scaled down, I used this method in my early stages of building my Online Business and built a list of 3,000 responsive subscribers in less than 2 months, owing to this method alone. That was back in my early days, and it still works today. So I know this can do well for many others as well if they use this strategy.

The thing is that, I‟ve used PLR content, most of which was already owned by many other reselling competitors like me. But I staged my launch in a unique manner and with its own brand, so my competitors became irrelevant suddenly. And I‟m going to teach you to do that. Now understandably, if you‟re just starting you will want to take baby steps first but it‟s not going to stop you from building your list and quickly make money up front so you can start investing in other stuff later.


Okay, here is the concept in a nutshell: you must gather enough PLR material. It can be E-Books, software or audio/video, stuff like that. Use them to create a series of digital products in your name, say 4 to 10 products or more, and then offer the Full Master Resell Rights to the products.

If you own a mailing list, you can easily make up-sells from selling these re-worked products in a package to your subscribers or members. Since your subscribers-turnedcustomers own the Full Master Resell Rights, they can in turn resell your products to others, and so on.
8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies That Really Work!

This will in turn establish your presence strongly in your chosen niche market as these re-worked products, now in your name or branding, are being sold across the Internet marketplace thanks to the efforts of your resellers.

You can also leverage on your resellers‟ collective efforts to build your mailing list by inserting advertisements, bonuses or some other incentive for THEIR customers to join your mailing list in your products.

The concept covered, this is going to be the course style for the rest of the 7 other strategies later. Now any of my friends who know me well know that I‟m quite a straight talker but in your best interest, I‟m going to cover the pros and cons in each strategy. I have my own opinions on each strategy when I use them for my business but the thing is, everyone‟s different. So I‟m going to lay out the pros and cons objectively so you decide it for yourself if it‟s worth your pursuit.


Okay advantages:

1. Since you are going to sell the products first so that they can be released to your customers to be resold, you can earn handsome upfront profits and increase the perceived value of your products, something that most products with Give Away rights do not have.

2. With strategically positioned lead capture devices in your products that were private labeled, you can build your mailing list by leveraging on the efforts of your resellers.

3. The Full Master Resell Rights would make your products viral in nature as they go about being resold in the Internet marketplace.


However the disadvantages are that:

1. Depending on how many PLR products you have to rework, it can be time consuming. This is yet to take into account you have to write your own sales copy and design the product E-Covers.

2. Since you are going to create a series of products in your name with Full Master Resell Rights instead of one (for higher effectiveness), you need to gather as much PLR material as possible.

What You Need

Now what you need to make this happen is that, first of all, you need a good collection of Private Label Content material enough to create a few E-Books. Each of them should have 20 to 30 pages or so.

I think this goes without saying but the Word Program is the most important tool there is, not just for this strategy, but for a big part of your business, if you‟re in the Information Products business. So if you‟re using Windows, or Mac, or whatever, you need to have a Word

Program. It‟s normally available in PCs and it is by far the most important tool you must have.

Naturally you also need a PDF File Converter Program that converts Word document into PDF format. Most PCs today come ready with this program installed – I think it‟s called Adobe PDF Maker – but if you don‟t have a PDF converter installed, I recommend for the job.

And also, you‟re going to need to get a sales Letter and E-Cover for each of your products. Don‟t worry about this one yet, I‟ll tell you why later.

This one also goes without saying but you need your own site and domain. So if you don‟t have them yet get one now. I won‟t be running through all these again in the subsequent sections on PLR Profit Strategies so don‟t take this lightly, okay? I use a Dedicated Server and VPS since I have quite a number of sites but usually a shared hosting or reseller hosting account will do for starters. Go get a hosting account with Hostgator.

I register my domains with Hostgator as well, which is another good domain registrar. It‟s only less than 10 bucks annually, and you get a free WHOIS guard for a full year that protects your WHOIS identity, would come in handy and you can wad off those people looking at your WHOIS info and email or call you for pesky favors. Happened to me a few times, so don‟t make the same mistake I did.

Now accepting payments: I use and for a good reason. You see, I actually don‟t recommend using PayPal especially for this strategy, and in fact for almost anything to do with „make money online‟, PLR, Resell Rights, whatever more. Back in 2006, I had my PayPal account limited twice and they gave me lame excuses to close it and not give my money back. I know this is quite shocking news but let me explain. You see, PayPal has a knack for clamping down accounts that make a lot of sales – unusually a lot of sales – in a short time span. That was what happened to me, I was pulling off a launch with PLRGold Master Rights Pack 3 and this happened. They were hiding behind their ToS and such and it was frustrating to get my money out. I was lucky to pay my affiliates before it happened and withdraw most of my money. Many other top marketing people, like say, Liz Tomey and Jason James, were not that lucky. So yes, refrain from using PayPal in doing big launches or anything to do with PLR or Resell Rights. Long story short: according to them, they perceive PLR and Resell Rights as “MLM” which I think it‟s silly. Anyways, I won‟t go off topic but if you‟re wondering why, just go to and you‟ll know why.

You can also use to accept payments online. Use anything but PayPal. PayPal is good for paying out affiliates and accepting commissions no doubt, but just do refrain from using it to sell your own product, especially if you‟re in the PLR and Resell Rights field.

So anyways, these necessities – the domain, hosting and third party payment processors – are the prerequisites to other PLR Profit Strategies that will be discussed later into the course, so I won‟t be repeating them again. So if you haven‟t got your own hosting and domain and a way to accept payments online better get them down pat before continuing.

Profit Strategy – Step-by-Step

Now we‟re going to cover the strategy. Compile the Private Label Contents to create a collection of a few E-Books, say 4 to 6, or maybe 10, whichever amount is up to you. The E-Books must be focused on one general theme; the more focused the theme the better. For example: Internet Marketing, self improvement, freelancing, personal finance, real estate, cooking, and so on.

Re-title each of the E-Books but be sure to include your name or pen name. For instance: “Guide to Private Label Rights”, “10 Dollar Profit Blueprint”, etc. This is important as you want to instill a branding for your own and establishing yourself as an expert in your market.
8 Profit-Pulling PLR Strategies That Really Work!

In each of the E-books, place a „lead capture device‟. By this, I mean that you should include a way for your readers to easily find your site and join your mailing list. It can be:

 An invitation to join your E-zine,

 A bonus membership access to your site

 Subscribe to your lifetime updates, And so on… the key success is to give your reader an incentive to join your mailing list so you can follow up with him or her whenever you have your next product to sell.

Some strategic places to put your lead capture device that I have personally identified include the first page, third page, in the middle, and the back pages. Those are the hot spots but at the same time, don‟t overpopulate your Master Resell Rights Info Products with too many ads or they‟ll just become worthless content with nothing but ads, so avoid that mistake.

Next you include the FULL MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to these products. In other words, you want to allow your customers to resell your E-Books and then their customers to do the same and so on. The logic behind this is that your E-Books get across the Internet marketplace and since each E-Book has a lead capture device, you can build your mailing list when the readers join your list!

Here are some Resell Rights terms and conditions that you will want to consider allowing or restricting (a copy is also included in the Appendix, by the way):

 Has Full Master Resell Rights YES

 Has Rebranding Rights YES / NO

 Can be given away for free NO

 Can be used as a bonus YES / NO

 Can be added into paid package YES / NO

 Can be added into a paid membership site YES / NO

 Can be sold on auction sites YES / NO

Next you have to design the E-Covers for your products. Your digital products are going to need a slick looking presentation if you want them to sell well. A number of PLR products usually come with E-Covers already. You can either edit them as they are using GIMP ( or Adobe Photoshop. But normally I recommend having them re-designed from scratch.
If you don‟t want to do it on your own, you can hire a graphic designer to do it for you. I recommend Dee Ferdinand of for the job. Not only are his rates reasonable, his turnover is quick and he is the guy behind some of the most beautiful E-Covers out there that are currently being used by Top Internet Marketers and myself included.

If you prefer the Do-It-Yourself route and you have Adobe Photoshop, you can use my Action Script system at this link:

I personally use my own Action Scripts to turn my flat designs into 3D covers and I‟ve got them custom made, not typical ones you always see around. The Action Scripts allow you to quickly and easily transform your 2D flat covers into professional 3D ECovers with only a few clicks of the mouse.

So once you‟re done with the E-Cover graphics, proofread your work one or two last times and then convert your Word documents into PDF formats. Be doubly sure to disable “copying of text” and still “enable printing” before converting the documents into PDF format to prevent convenient content theft.

Write each of your product‟s sales letter and then your principal sales letter (which you will use to sell all of your E-Books). I cannot discuss the subject of copywriting in depth as it is a subject fit for another book. But here are some of the key principles to writing your main sales letter:

 Your target market is strictly resellers.

 Sell them on convenience whereby they do not have to spend time and effort creating their own products because you have done it all for them.

 They get to sell as many copies of your products and keep 100% of the sales.

 They can also do more with your products by listing your full Resell Rights terms and conditions.
Set up your site on the server with thank you page and merchant processor ready. Okay, you‟re as good as in business now!


Now this is the marketing aspect, which is going to bring in money for the system and strategy you have implemented in place. This is a very critical step altogether, otherwise this whole strategy is worthless without getting traffic, and getting targeted prospects to your website.

I am going to divide the marketing aspect into two: whether you plan to make upfront profits or whether you want to build your list. If you‟re starting with nothing at all, no list, then I recommend the latter. Meaning, you have to focus on list building in the backend first, and think about making the profits later.

If you are planning to make upfront profits:

1. Endorse your Resell Rights package to your mailing list. This is the fastest way to get the word out about your product and if you already have a substantial, responsive mailing list, you can cover back your investment and make profits in a short time frame, possibly a few hours to a day.

2. Start an affiliate program. You can recruit affiliates to promote your package through their efforts in exchange for a percentage of commissions, say 40-50%. I recommend JVManager if you actively create products with affiliate programs. A lower cost alternative would be PayDotCom, though with more limited features.

3. Seek Joint Venture partners. If you know of other list owners and established marketers in your niche, you can approach them for a Joint Venture in exchange for higher commission payout.

If you are willing to forsake upfront profits and focus entirely on list building:

1. You can submit your Resell Rights products to membership sites that specialize in offering Resell Rights items to their members. While you are sacrificing upsells, you can build your mailing list through this method by leveraging on a wide selection of membership media. Once you have your own list, your business would take a momentum of its own. I highly recommend this method if you don‟t have your own list yet.

2. You can also submit your Full Master Resell Rights E-Books to E-Book directories.

3. Above all, the success factor in this PLR profit model is to get your products spread out far and wide as fast as possible. The more coverage your product gets, the stronger brand you can build and so are the higher chances of building your list through other people‟s resale distribution efforts.

This concludes PLR Profit Strategy #1. To wrap it up quickly, this strategy is good for beginners with no list and no recognized name yet so by implementing this Master Resell Rights strategy, you can build your list and spread your name virally. The more Master Resell Rights material you spawn from PLR content, the more chances you have of the product being resold and redistributed. You give your resellers an opportunity to make money with your products, and every time they resell to others your name and credibility widens.

This is just the start, you can also combine this with other PLR Profit Strategies as you see fit, and I‟ll be talking more about them in the coming strategies.

(Next Lesson) Chapter 2: The Paid Membership Content Building Strategy
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