Better Your Relationships With Others And Attract Success With People

Chapter 1: The Correct Person and Communication

On the surface, expressing that you need to find the correct individual to be in a relationship with seems too obvious, but there is a richer meaning here. The right person has a different meaning for everyone. Most people mean an individual that they enjoy spending time with, someone who they have fun with and are attractive to them.  All of those factors are crucial to having a good relationship, but they often do not last. In order for a relationship to work over time, you have to be with an individual who's aligned with your intentions and is supportive of your goals and ambitions.

Choose and Communicate Wisely

You have to find the individual who has the same core values and morals as you. For instance, somebody who's expecting to start a family and whose values and morals are more focused around the home wouldn't be well-matched with an individual whose core values and morals in life are thrill-seeking and adventurous.

They may get along well enough, have lots of fun and have awesome sex in the beginning, but over time, the mismatch in core values and morals will start to take its toll and start to drive both individuals apart. Values and morals refer to much more than life-style; it goes deeper to your core being. Your core being, meaning who you are and what is your higher purpose is.

How can you decide what your possible partners core values and morals are if you're just getting to know that individual? Just like you force yourself to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things so you can learn more about yourself, you should also plan on attempting to participate in a variety of new and potentially interesting activities with your date to see how they react.

Are they closed-off and close-minded? Do they know who they are as people? Do they respond the same as you do in different situations? Determine their past by asking them about yourself first and then ask them to reciprocate. Your potential partners behavior is can generally be determined by past behaviors.

You have believably heard this cliché being kicked around about all over the place- “Communication is the key”. What does effective communication actually mean? How do you do it?

Effective communication means two things:

a) Understanding what the other individual is actually saying

b) Making the other individual realize what you're trying to say. It seems easy, but in reality it is terribly difficult because most of us do not address situations in a straight-forward manner.

Human interaction is filled up with codes and implications that can contribute to us being easily confused and misunderstood. Upsets and arguments can come about when two Individuals are not interpreting each other the correct way.

The 1st step in any effective communication is to be an active listener. This means listening carefully to what the other individual is saying and not what you assume they're attempting to say.

Effective communication helps in arguing less and enjoying one another more. It helps to diffuse negativity and aggression and make your partner feel more appreciated and treasured. Above all, effective communication helps you realize what your partner wants and needs in a richer way. This ensures that you're making a conscious conclusion that you're with the correct individual.

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