Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing

Chapter 1: The Biggest Error

In my experience, likely the biggest single issue that net marketing fledglings have when they decide to attempt marketing or making cash on the net is that they come at this business from totally the wrong angle or position.
Whilst a few individuals who have previous business experience approach the concept of working at the net in the same way as they approached their prior business ventures, the vast majority don’t. It's therefore no coincidence that these individuals are commonly the ones who are most likely to bomb.

Let me ‘paint’ a fairly common scenario so that you may see why this occurs.

Individuals who begin trying to earn cash online for the first time do so because they require additional cash.

Whether this is because they have to replace the income that they have lost as a result of a job loss or whether it's to yield a supplemental revenue to pay for holidays, better Christmas gifts for the youngsters or whatever, the fact is, they need cash.

A Mistake

Now, let me say directly that if you discover yourself in the same state of affairs, there's nothing per se wrong with turning to the net to yield the extra money that you need. Indeed, as pointed out in the institution, there are so many benefits to running a net-based business that if you don’t have any other more obvious lucrative opportunities available, utilizing the net to generate additional revenue makes a lot of sense.

However, coming at the notion of making cash from the net with no other parameters, guideposts or controls than a vague belief that you’d like to make some extra cash is an almost sure recipe for calamity for one simple reason.

The lucrative side of the net is a veritable jungle inhabited by thousands of different products all competing for your attention and your cash.

Every one of these products will brazenly proclaim that they're the key that you require if you're to unlock your net fortune. Additionally, a lot of them will make ridiculous, bizarre claims about the amount of cash you may make that will inevitably turn the head of an net marketing fledgling who sees these claims for the first time.

The fact is, there are 100s of net marketing products which range in caliber and effectiveness from being outstanding to horrifying. And naturally, as a net marketing beginner, it's inconceivable to sort the wheat from the chaff without spending cash on products like these.

It's therefore all too easy to make expensive errors that mean that you end up spending cash on the net, instead of earning it. Wasting cash in this way (unavoidable as it might be) is an error that will derail your marketing career before it's even got decently started.

You consequently need to think long and hard before you start spending cash, as once you have got the mental side of net marketing crystallized, the rest becomes relatively aboveboard.

The beginning thing that you have to do is to identify precisely what it is that inspires you, or what it is that's driving you to run your own net business. As suggested earlier in this chapter, it might be because your career has gone so you've no choice or it may be to put extra money in the bank for the luxuries of life like foreign vacations, a new car or even a new house.

Whatever it is, you have to identify this ‘driver’ as each and every day when you're actively involved in running your business, you have to keep this motivational component in the forefront of your brain as this enables you to remain motivated and centered.

As a matter of fact, what I'd advocate is that if the motivation behind your business activities is something that may be pictured, then why not add a picture of whatever it is that's driving you to the wall behind your monitor or on the whiteboard that you utilize for business planning?

For instance, if its better vacations that you’re working toward; why not place exotic beach scene pictures in a place where you can't avoid seeing them each morning or evening when you begin work? If its toys for the children’s Christmas Day, utilize family pictures of Christmases past for precisely the same purpose.

This helps as regardless how thorough your business plan is, you can't anticipate or foresee each possible eventuality. The unforeseen will occur (e.g. you’re half way through creating a video and your computer crashes) and when it does, it's often exceedingly frustrating and irritating.

Bearing the motivation in your clear line of sight will help you get over those times when it may be a bit hard to keep going as it won't allow you to forget what got you began in the first place.

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