Attract a huge list and traffic by giving 100% commissions

Chapter 1: The Benefits Of 100% Commission Offers

The most obvious benefit would be the payments that are automatic and hassle free. They are also fairly immediate when compared to other tools used.   

What You Garner

Using the Rapid Action Profits facilitated the easier platform in attracting affiliated and JV partners because of the positive payment of any commissions earned.

This is an enormously beneficial point for those who would like to be able to actually receive their profits as soon as a transaction is completed as compared to some other scenarios where a waiting period of 30 – 60 days is fairly common. The elimination of having to reach certain quotas before payments are calculated is also another benefit of this system.

Another huge benefit is the elimination of having to work out and write cheques for affiliates, do mass pays or even having to deal with tax returns.

This is predominantly because the profits are immediately realized from the customers end. Besides being a time and energy saver this also frees the individual to concentrate on matters relating to bringing in the desired revenue such as building more JV partnerships, creating launches, creating products or services are a few to be mentioned.

The other benefits include being able to multiply the sales force by using affiliates to help sell the individual’s product or services without having to incur additional charges or additional services and tools.

Using the one-time offers as an incentive for the buyer who are already interested in making purchases. This is always beneficial because these customers will then encourage others to visit the site to enjoy the promotions too.

Instead of having to entertain only those who are seeking free things the individual should consider focusing on the opt-in list with the paying customers as this is where the benefits lie in term of actually realized revenue.

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