Become The Most Successful Upline In The World

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I‟ll never forget this. The night I first met the leading networker.

The hotel room was jammed, as was common. When I walked in, I observed a particularly large swarm of individuals gathered around somebody in the front of the room. I took aside a distributor I‟d met previously, pointed to the group and inquired, “Who‟s that over there?”

She said, “That‟s the Greatest Networker you‟ll ever meet ... Would you like to meet him?”
“Certainly,” I said. She took me over.

The Lessons Begin

He was listening intently to what a woman standing directly in front of me was talking about, when his eye caught mine. He looked me directly in the face, extended his hand to me, and stated, with a warmth that really shocked me: “Hello. It‟s truly great to see you.” He told me his name and asked me mine.

I stuttered – really, I bumbled. His grip became a little firmer and he asked, “How are you?” I said, “Fine, thanks”. And he responded, “Truly?” Before I had time to stop myself, I found myself telling him how I was truly doing. He heard me in a way I‟ve never experienced previously. I really felt him listening to me. I told him how my business and my life were going and that I wasn‟t cut out for network marketing. He smiled and squeezed my hand again and asked, “Would you have a little time after the meeting to spend with me?” Before I could get to my “No”, I heard myself say, “That would be excellent”.

Following the formal part of the meeting was over and the groups of fresh distributors and their sponsors were departing together, he addressed me. He smiled at me with that same noticeable warmth as previously. “Come on”, he stated, taking me by the arm and moving off through the door. “Let‟s get some caffeine and something to eat.

Have you had supper?” He stated with a warm laugh that he could use something delicious. I agreed – laughing right along with him. It felt great to be with him. He‟d surely altered the way I was feeling in an unusually short time. “So, what do you like to eat a lot?” he inquired. And before I could answer – he said, “It‟s an earnest question. What would you most love to eat – right now?”

I took in a deep breath and stated, “Italian”. “Excellent!” he said. “Me too.” As we journeyed to the restaurant, we made small talk. Really, I made small talk. He simply kept asking me questions. He just seemed so curious, so intrigued in me – and so easy to speak to. I likely told him more about my life in those 10 short minutes than I‟d ever told anybody before.

We entered the restaurant with the captain‟ and the greatest networker appearing to be the very best of acquaintances; and I noticed smiling exchanges passing constantly between my host and a variety of waiters and clients. As we took our seats, I noticed, “You certainly live in a different domain than I do.” “How‟s that?” he inquired.

“Well, everyone is all grins and warmth and friendship . . . you appear to know everyone, and they all know you and like you. “ Tell me”, he inquired, “what‟s present for you when all of this „grinning and friendshipping,‟ as you call it, is going on?” I inquired, “What do you mean?”

“What‟s here, like in the air around us – what do you notice is present for you?” I took in a deep breath and answered thoughtfully. “I feel jealous,” I told him and curious, also. I wish to understand how I may have my life be like this.” “Tell me,” he inquired“, what do you truly want your life to be like?” So began a 2-hour supper. All he did was ask me questions. And all I did was to tell him principles I hadn‟t ever shared with anybody!

“Look, where‟s all of this going?” I inquired. “You‟re asking me questions and talking about things that nobody‟s ever said before. He didn‟t say a word – simply leaned forward, and turned his head toward me, as though he wanted to make certain to catch every syllable I spoke. I felt feelings well up inside me. Huge feelings. Crucial ones. I felt suddenly really sad. “I simply want to be a success,” I told him. “I‟m so tired of not having the cash to do what I want . . . to provide for my family. “ But . . .?” he asked.

“But, I don‟t know how”, I replied. Network marketing doesn‟t work for me. I looked over at him and inquired, “What‟s wrong with me?” He let his head fall back and consulted at the ceiling. He took a big, long, deep breath and asked, “How would you like me to show you how?” “Yes!” I cried out. “Good,” he said. “We‟ll begin tomorrow. Here‟s what I wish you to accomplish . . .”

He handed me a sheet of paper with his address and told me to come to his office the next afternoon after I got off work. He reached into his briefcase and drew out a package. “Here,” he stated, “this is your homework. I need you to study this before we meet tomorrow – all right?”

He paid for supper and drove me back to the hotel where the meeting had been. I watched him go then I went home. I opened the book with enormous excitement. I stopped cold. There wasn't a word in it.
Each page in the book was completely blank!

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