Get Motivated And Stay Motivated

Chapter 1: The Basics On Self Motivation

Some people believe there is no one correct way of following a motivation plan. Studies have shown that each individual is motivated by a variety of elements and in order to ensure the most suitable is indentified a little understanding of the motivation mastery must be researched.   

Perhaps the most important element is indentifying the direction or goal of the intended exercise that is to be embarked upon. Having a clear and attainable goal in mind usually makes it easier to successfully work towards attaining it, there in winning half the battle. 

The Basics

The next important step would be to be as knowledgeable as possible on the desired goal. It is absolutely essential to ensure that all information pertaining to the exercise at hand is clearly understood and researched. All “tools” that are needed should be available.

Then there is the ever important element of having the necessary desire and drive to see the project to completion. Without this very important element there is a very real possibility of the individual abandoning the exercise at the first sign of a challenge. Therefore it is part of the motivation manifesto to consider every aspect of the process that will be involved in the said exercise undertaken.

Time is also another important factor in the motivation mastery cycle. This is a common yet very important fact that is often overlooked in the mapping out of the “plan” for the intended exercise. The creation and adherence to a time line is also a very important contributing factor to keeping the individual motivated to the end of the exercise.

The appropriate amount of attention should also be allocated as part of the motivation mastery manifesto. Embarking on a project without actually having the interest or passion and capabilities to devote towards its success would be a rather foolish endeavor indeed.

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