Memory Improvement For A Better Life

Chapter 1: The Basics On Memory

Many scientific experts will tell you that we just don't have the power to remember facts, images or events perfectly as though we had a photographic memory. Regrettably, although individuals might say that they do have a photographic memory; this plainly isn’t true, as it doesn't exist.

However don't worry as through this book we'll show you the steps that you are able to take to help better your memory. As a matter of fact, with a little time and much practice, many individuals are able to gain the might to memorize what seems to be an inconceivable amount of data and information.

Even if you simply wish to remember where you really left your keys from the night before, then this book ought to help you.

You understand that in order to increase muscular strength you have to exercise, well the same goes for really increasing your power to recall things. Your mind needs exercise, also. So your diet needs to be good, and you have to look at taking up much fitter habits.

Regrettably, because our brains are so complex, they need a lot of work in order to get them in the best shape conceivable. There are a number of things that you are able to look at doing which will help you better the capacity of the retrieval mechanism in your mind. But first, let us have a look at how it is we recall things.

The Workings

To put it in easy terms, our memory is the action carried out in our mind to remember information that we have gained through experiences in our lives. But, it is a complex procedure which involves assorted parts of the mind, and serves us all in very assorted ways. It may either be short term or long term.

With short term memory, you'll discover that your brain is able to store certain pieces of information for only a couple of seconds or minutes.

Regrettably, the issue with this memory is that it's really fragile, and if it were to retain all the data it receives, your mind would soon be telling you that it has no more blank space.

Plus, each individuals short term memory is only meant to hold around seven items at any one time, and this is why, while you might be able to recall a new phone number for a couple of minutes, you'll frequently find that when you're going to purchase something online with your charge card, you need it beside you, because it really has more than 7 items on it.

Long term memory is all to do with the data that you're making an effort to retain, both consciously and unconsciously. This is because the data might be particularly personal and meaningful to you, or it's because it's something that you require in order to finish a task or to take some tests.

All the same, there's some data that you retain in your long term memory which will need you to make a conscious effort in order to remember it, like a personal memory which relates to a particular experience or time in your life, known as episodic memory, or it might be some factual data that you need to remember, and this is known as semantic memory.

The other sort of long term memory that we all have is known as procedural memory, and this is where your memory will remember skills or routines that you utilize so that you don't have to consciously recall them.

There are particular parts of the mind which are particularly crucial in relation to not only the data, but also the retention of memories, and these are as shown below.

Hippocampus – This is found deep in the human mind, and plays the largest role in the mind processing data as memory.

Amygdala – This is an almond shaped piece of the mind which is found close to the hippocampus and processes an individual's emotions. This certain area helps to imprint memories into the mind which affect emotions.

Cerebral Cortex – This is the outer layer of the human mind, and is where much long term memory is stored in assorted different sectors. It will all depend upon where certain memories are stored, as to what procedure the data involves. So language will be stored in one sector, sensory input into a different, issue solving into yet a different sector and so forth.

As well as the above, the memory likewise involves communication happening between the brains assorted network of neurons and cells (millions of which are set off by chemicals in the mind known as neurotransmitters).

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