Manifestation Maestro: Manifest What You Wish

Chapter 1: The Basics On Manifestation

For a manifestation to be seen as successful or to be perceived as such there are certain elements that should be addressed, such as the mind and body working together as one. We will have a look at all of this here in this course.

Some people would say that manifestation in done through the energy expounded when a choice is made. Generally it is taken to mean that something is brought into “being” which implies that manifestation is limited to the physical elements but herein lies the phenomena as manifestation does also seem evident in out thought process.

The Basics

Popular perception and perhaps rightly so implies that all good, bad and generally things that randomly happen can have some element of manifestation linked to it. It is possible and probable to create into existence element that would otherwise not exist with the mere thought process. People who are in control of their life generally attest to the basic rule and don’t really look upon it as a phenomenon but rather as a tool to make things “happen”.

The energy or aura surrounding the thought process will then be able to transcend into the physical realm, while engaging the root chakra. There are many technical terms linked to the exercise of manifestation but the root of it all focuses around the ability to stay centered in both body and mind.

The conscious and unconscious choice an individual makes always has some effect on the surroundings. The trick is to try and harness this “energy” to have more impact on the unconscious choice over to the conscious side so that the effects can be positively experiences and expected in everyday life and functions. In the big picture scenario the general point of understanding revolves around the fact that every choice made is done with the “root chakra” either consciously or on a subconscious level which is directly linked to the outcome of each choice made.

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