Time Management And Goals

Chapter 1: The Basics On Goal Setting

We are aware that the best way to attain success in whatever plans we have is to have clear and achievable goals. But the problem is, how do we set goals in a proper and effective way?

In order to learn proper goal setting you have to know the basics and advance from there.

The Basics

Here are few guidelines for newbies in career planning:

1. Most of us wanted to advance our career but unable to do so because of poor planning. This is also the reason why others are somewhat scared to try and tend to avoid it. The key to learning the art of proper goal setting is to stop avoiding it. Seize the opportunity to set your own personal goals first and don’t be ashamed to write it down even if you feel they are just small goals that need not to be written.

2. Know that there are no small goals. The fact that you set it as a goal, it is relevant to you. Therefore, what is relevant is never small and it is worth aspiring for.

3. Start to develop and set your goals. The best way to start a good goal setting is to write down your goals in order of importance. Explore more ways on how to effectively achieve each goal and force yourself to apply what you learned. Eventually it will develop as a good habit.

4. One good strategy in creating realistic goals is to follow the SMART goal setting. SMART means: S – Specific

M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Result Focused

T – Time bound

If you are able to do this, you are on your way to achieving your goals. With SMART method you can never go wrong as it is basic yet effective.

5. Make use and constantly apply the basic method of setting up goals. To summarize the idea, for newbies, you have to start in small and uncomplicated goals. Write it down in your organizer and make sure you have it handy. Make a realistic timeline for each goal and find a way to remind yourself to act on it every day per scheduled time. You can utilize your mobile devices such as your hand phone to remind yourself. This is basic and therefore it is designed to achieve. You have no excuse why you cannot do it. Now, go ahead and start setting your goal.

Good Luck!

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