The BEST Relationship EVER

Chapter 1: The Basics on Friendships

“No Man Is an Island”, this line extracted from Meditation XVII, by an English poet John Donne has been a very popular expression when talking about people’s connection from one another. Indeed, there is nobody who can live alone on this planet. That is why God created different form of relationships, such as friendship. Friendship is one of the greatest forms of relationship that everyone will surely want to have.

To be able to understand what friendship is, you must look at its definitions and reasons for its importance and goodness. For this, you can refer to the great and famous philosopher Aristotle.

A lot of philosophers give emphasis on conjecture and theory. For sure, Aristotle has contributed to this kind of philosophy as well. He has given great emphasis on the reasons why friendship is essential.

The Basics

According to him, no one will ever opt to live without friends. This notion from Aristotle is indeed very significant because he emphasizes that even though people with all other possessions, being really rich and having offices and holding dominating power are considered to be, most of all in need of friends.

He even added that what would be the use of those prosperities without having the chance to beneficence that can be practiced mainly and on its most worthy form to friends. Aside from being able to beneficence, friends will help you guard and preserve your prosperity. Friends are more worthy and beneficial to men in misfortunes and in poverty, for they can consider their friends as their only refuge.

“Friendship is as important as life itself”, this is a statement given by Aristotle powerful and bold. Friendship covers old and young, poor and rich. It covers the breath of the kinds of people you find within the society.

In fact, rich men are considered to need friends the most, for being rich contains no value except when they have someone or some people to share their wealth with. Not to mention about the fact that friendship can definitely reduce risk.

This should be true because when the time comes that you meet an unexpected occurrence, you can always seek some assistance from your true friends. This results to unfortunate men who could benefit from friends during the time of misfortune and poverty.

However, most importantly from all other facts is that friendship could stimulate a person to righteous actions. By joining with your friends, you will be able to have favorable thoughts and act accordingly. There is always something really special with the feeling of friendship making you desire to act. A person should acquire that sense of delight whenever giving assistance to his friends although it is not usually a joyful task. With friends you always give the best shot of everything you are sharing together.

With this idea, you can already think that friendship improves your life because it makes you a better individual. In trying to serve your friends, you always get to benefit from it by improving yourself. These facts alone could offer you what it gets to have your friends around and to build the most trustworthy friendship.

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