Start your Own Wedding Videography Business

Chapter 1: The Basics of the Business

Starting the Business

By starting the business I am referring to the first step, choosing a name. This decision is not easy although it is very important. You want something which is going to be memorable. Another important think to think about is if you are going to have a website? If so, it might be useful to check before you decide on a name. If you choose Amazon Video and want to have the domain name, you are going to be out of luck. Keep it simple and catchy. Sometimes, choosing a name will be the most difficult part.

Buying Equipment

To begin your videography business you need to buy your equipment if you don’t already own it. I have a few suggestions.

Buy everything new!! Used equipment may save you a few bucks but will probably cost you more in the long run! And, don’t be buying high-end equipment off eBay unless the seller has a high feedback rating. This is where a lot of people get scammed.

Video Equipment is one of the #1 frauds on eBay as we speak. BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING BRAND NEW ELECTRONICS FROM eBay.

I will explain my studio to you to give you a rough idea on how I accomplish things here. I have a G4 Single 1GHZ computer loaded with ram, two monitors a 17” and a 15” I also use an old Commodore 1701 monitor as a 8 broadcast monitor. I have a setup Yamaha speakers and a Panasonic DV200K Mini DV camcorder which cost $800 and a Panasonic DVX100 which cost a lot more!!

I suggest buying your system in components. Start your business like I did use a basic DV camera and editing on Apple’s iMovie, until I was able to afford Final Cut Pro. I now run Final Cut Pro 3 and burn to DVD on an Apple Super drive.

The other option I provide you is to rent equipment. Some cities and local colleges now have media labs which people can go and use high-end Computers for minimal costs. Take a look around and find these, imagine if you didn’t have to buy any equipment just pay $250 to rent a camera for a weekend? You would make a killing.


As in any business, advertising is an important aspect. When you are ready to start your advertising, choose your medium wisely. For this past summer, I decided to go strait to the newspaper. I used a clever advertising technique here. I incorporated a new and fresh movie into my ad. Take a look….

Setting Your Fee

How do you know what to charge? You look around and videographers are charging anywhere from $800 to $10,000! At this point, the price is hardly an issue because you have proven that you are worth it. Naturally, you should do some research to find what your competition is charging. If you do a better job or invest more time and money in your productions, you deserve to be paid more than your counterparts. You shouldn’t be ashamed of that.

When you set your price, make sure you are not giving away your services. As a beginner in the business, you will probably be guilty of underselling yourself while you try to get things rolling. When you become the best, you do not have to charge the highest price, but be sure that you are very far from being the lowest in your area. If your quality is the best, people will pay you for it. If you are the best and the client cannot pay your price, then you shouldn’t feel bad about refusing the business.

You’re not selling concrete blocks where they’re all alike and price alone determines a good deal.You’re selling something very different from your competitors. You are not being arrogant, but understand that excellent videographers are sensitive to the type of wedding videotape the delivery to the client. You are not going to get every wedding. There may be 10,000 weddings every year in your area.

You surely cannot do all of them! Never quote prices over the phone. If all your customer cares about is cost, they are not the kind of customer you are looking for. There is an old saying, “Some of your best deals are the ones that are never made.” Perhaps you would charge one fee for just the wedding ceremony in the church, and another for the whole enchilada (the wedding preparations, the reception, the mini-biographies of the bride and groom done as a photo montage).

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