Becoming The Richest Man In Post Modern Babylon

Chapter 1: The Basics

During my twenties, I started several different businesses, each with the dream of attaining my fortune, but my outcomes went from dismal to worse. I worked my rear off however kept coming up short. I had heard of this thing called profit, I simply never saw any of it.

I kept thinking, “If I simply get into the correct business, get on the correct horse, I‟ll make it”. However, I was wrong. Nothing was any rate for me. And it was the last part of that sentence that finally struck me. How come other people were succeeding in the exact same business I was in and I was still bankrupt? What happened to “Mr. Potential”? So I started doing some serious soulsearching. I examined my real beliefs and saw that even though I said I truly wanted to be rich, I had some deep-seated concerns about it.

Mostly I was afraid. Afraid that I may fail, or worse, succeed and then for some reason lose it all. Then I‟d truly be a schmo. Worse, I would blow the one matter I had going for me: my “story” that I had all this “potential”. What if I discovered I didn‟t have what it took and I was bound for a life of conflict?

Behind It All

As luck would have it, I got a little advice from an exceedingly wealthy friend of my father‟s. He was at my parents‟ home playing cards with the “boys” and, in passing, acknowledged me. This was the 3rd time I‟d moved back home, and I was living in the “lower-level suite”, differently called the basement. I reckon my dad had sounded off to him of my deplorable existence as when he saw me; he had the understanding in his eyes commonly reserved for the grief-stricken at a funeral.

He stated, “I began in the same way as you, a total disaster.” Excellent, I thought, this was making me feel much better. I ought to let him know that I was busy...watching the paint flake off the wall. He continued: “But then I got a little advice that altered my life, and I‟d like to pass it on to you”. Oh, no, here comes the father-son bawl out, and he‟s not even my father! Ultimately, he came out with it: “if you‟re not doing as well as you‟d wish, all that means is there‟s something you don‟t understand.”

Being a nervy fellow at the time, I believed I knew pretty well everything, but regrettably, my bank account stated something different. So I ultimately started to listen. He carried on, “Did you know that most wealthy individuals think in really like ways?” I stated, “No, I never truly considered that.”

To which he responded, “It‟s not a precise science, but for the most part, wealthy individuals think a particular way and poor individuals think a totally different way, and those ways of thinking decide their behaviors and therefore determine their outcomes”. He continued, “If  you believed the way wealthy individuals do and did what wealthy individuals do, do you trust you could become wealthy too?” I remember answering with all the assurance of a cornmeal mush ball, “I think so”. “Then”, he responded, “All you have to do is copy how wealthy individuals think.”
Being the skeptic I was at the time, I stated, “So what are you thinking today?” To which he responded, “I‟m thinking that wealthy individuals keep their commitments and mine is to your dad today. The guys are waiting for me.” Although he walked out, what he stated sank in.

Nothing else was working in my life, so I imaged what the heck and gave myself whole-heartedly to studying wealthy individuals and how they think. I studied everything I could about the interior workings of the brain, but concentrated mainly on the psychology of cash and success. I discovered that it was truthful: wealthy individuals truly do think differently from poor and even middle-class individuals.

Finally, I became aware of how my own thoughts were keeping me back from riches. More crucial, I learned many powerful strategies and techniques to really recondition my brain so that I'd think in the same ways wealthy individuals do.

Ultimately, I said, “plenty yakking about it, let‟s put it to the test.” I chose to attempt yet another business. I started utilizing what I‟d learned by modeling wealthy individuals, both in terms of their business techniques and their thinking strategies.

The beginning thing I did was commit to my success and playing to win. I swore I'd focus and not even consider leaving this business till I was a millionaire or more. This was radically different from my prior attempts, where, as I always thought short-term, I'd perpetually get sidetracked by either better opportunities or when things got hard. I likewise started challenging my mental approach whenever I started thinking in financially damaging or counterproductive ways. In the past, I trusted that what my brain said was truth.

I learned that in a lot of ways, my brain was my biggest obstruction to success. I decided not to entertain thoughts that didn't empower me towards my vision of riches. Did it work? Yes!

The business was so successful that I began doing one-on-one business consulting. I assume it was quite effective for individuals as they kept bringing acquaintances, partners, and associates to our sessions. I observed something unusual: You could have 2 individuals sitting side by side in precisely the same room, learning precisely the same principles and techniques. One individual would take these tools and rocket to success. But what do you believe might happen to the individual sitting right next to him or her? The answer is, not a lot!

That‟s when it got obvious that you may have the greatest “tools” in the world, but if you‟ve got a tiny leak in your “toolbox”, you‟ve got an issue. It‟s not what we don‟t know that keeps us from succeeding; it‟s what we know that just ain‟t so that's our greatest obstacle. This book isn't as much about learning as it is about “unlearning”! It's essential you realize how your old ways of believing and acting have gotten you precisely where you are today.
If you‟re truly wealthy and truly happy, fine. But if you‟re not, I invite you to think about some possibilities that might not fit into your “box” of what you presently believe is right or even appropriate for you.

I‟m going to ask you to trust the ideas you're reading. Not because you know me personally, but as 1000s and 1000s of individuals have already changed their lives as a result of the things in this book. Addressing trust, it reminds me of one of my pet stories.

It‟s about a man who's walking along a cliff and all of a sudden loses his balance, slips, and falls away. Luckily, he has the presence of mind to snatch on to the ledge, and he‟s hanging there for dear life. He hangs and hangs and at last yells out, “Is there anyone up there who may help me?” There‟s no reply.

He continues calling and calling, “Is there anyone up there who may help me?” At last, this huge bellowing voice calls back, “This is God. I may help you. Simply let go and trust.” Next thing you hear: “Is there anyone else up there who may help me?”

The lesson is simple. If you wish to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of a few of your old ways of thinking and being and acquire fresh ones. The results will finally speak for themselves.

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