A guide to new marketers on how to make money quickly

Chapter 1: Solve Business Issues And Make A Fortune

During the Klondike gold rush thousands of people headed to Alaska looking for their fortune in gold. Did many people get rich? No. A majority came up empty handed and some risked their life’s savings and spent years toiling to end up empty handed.

So who did benefit the most?

People watching the trend and providing SERVICES to MINERS!

What actually happened was that anyone that owned a local business actually made THEIR fortunes HELPING other people who were looking for supplies, picks, shovels, pack animals, food, gambling, entertainment and mining supplies.

The moral of the story (and one of the first lessons most marketers learn) is to sell SERVICES to people looking for gold and if you do so you will always have an income stream.

Last month, using this concept, I made a $2,298.00 passively and I did almost NOTHING yet the money kept flowing in because I used a system to automate direct cash to me.

What you are going to be doing is setting up your own Money Machines and do the exact same thing! Each Machine will make you money and the more you set up the greater your income will grow.

When you are done you will be able to outsource all of the heavy lifting and spend a few minutes a day ensuring your CLIENTS get the help they need.

What you are creating will require less than an hour a day of your time but has the potential to earn you a full-time income. I will guarantee you that if you systematically use this system you have the opportunity to earn consistent money by leveraging other people's time.


Do NOT Reinvent the wheel. Just Do What I Show You.

After a few days the money will begin to flow and if you keep working on your machines you will grow more and more money.

The entire process can be set up in a few hours and you just need to REPLICATE IT and the more that you outsource the easier this will be. In fact, when you see this concept you literally kick yourself at HOW SIMPLE it is.

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