How to Overcome an Addiction And Break Bad Habits

Chapter 1: Smoking

Who should you trust on what is the most successful technique for quitting smoking - the government and a lot of smoking cessation authorities in the world and the pro health organizations of the world and the pharmacological industry and nearly anyone whose career seems to be based in smoking cessation or me?

I guess using this standard it would be best not to believe me. But before jumping ship there's one extra crucial group of individuals that you may discover that will back me up and who are already quite credible to you. It’s the people in your family and your friends in your real life that have with success quit smoking and been off any nicotine products for at least a year or more.

Put Down The Smokes

Find out how the individuals you know who are long-term exsmokers truly quit smoking. By long-term I mean folks who are presently off all nicotine for at the least a year or more.

You'll find out that several them had former quits and lapsed, using all sorts of formulas that are supported by pros and possibly even a couple of them had professional help with old attempts.

You'll find that almost all of them didn't follow what is trusted to be the standard proposed advice on how to stop yet they did stop and are still continuing to remain solid.

You’ll find that they most likely stopped by simply stopping smoking one day for one reason or some other and then have been able to continue there by sticking with a dedication that they made to themselves to not pick up another smoke. Talk to every ex-smoker you'll realize. Do your own analyses.

While you are at it, speak to the present smokers you know too. See how many of them have used products and followed the advice of the professionals.

Keep in mind, a lot of professional literature will advise people to utilize pharmacologic aids like nicotine alternate products. Try to see how many long-run successful quitters in your real world encounters truly followed this advice.

Another piece of advice composed in most literature produced by smoking cessation experts is something to the effect that temporary slips are common and that you shouldn't let a slip send you back to smoking.

Persons who author advice like this don't savvy addiction. A person has to comprehend that taking simply one puff is likely going to kill your attempts at stopping.

Day by day, the ex-smoker ought to wake up believing that he isn't going to smoke that day. And every night before he goes to sleep he should compliment himself for sticking to his goal. As pride is essential in remaining free from smokes.

Not only is it essential, but it's well deserved. For anyone who's quit smoking has broken free from a truly powerful addiction. For the first time in a while, he's gained command over his life, rather than being commanded by his smoke. For this, he should be proud.

So this evening, when you go to bed, pat yourself on the back and say, “another day without smoke, I feel great.” And tomorrow once you wake up, state, “I'm going to go for another day. Tomorrow I'll consider tomorrow.” To successfully stay free from smoking, take every day as it comes and - never pick up another smoke!

If you listen to, “don’t let a mistake make you return to smoking”, you might sadly, discover from experience that you've little control of the matter once you take that puff.

Our advice, if to successfully quit smoking, is to simply quit smoking. Our advice for staying off cigarettes is merely to stick to a dedication to never pick up another cigarette. So speak to long-run ex-smokers and find out how they stopped and hear how they've managed to stay off them.

Pretty soon you'll discover it isn't a matter of matching all of the world pros against me. It gets to be a matter of matching every longterm ex-smoker you know who's successfully quit against the world’s professionals.

Do the studies and then I'll merely become a different voice in the crowd of true individuals who have showed to you that the way to stop smoking and to stay smoke free is to - never pick up another smoke and stop today…put them down!

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