Public Safety: How To Keep Your Kids Safe From The Big Bad World

Chapter 1: Public Safety Basics

It is becoming increasingly important in today’s world be vigilant about all the negativity that surrounds the family unit and in particular the children. What would seem like an innocent and safe act or pass time, years ago, is no longer to be taken for granted. Get all the info you need here.

For the sake of the safety of their children all parents should be aware of the following elements and perhaps even take the time and effort to ensure the children too are fully aware of them:

The Basics

There is a need today to inform parents or other adult family members of the daily activities and movement of the child before leaving the safety of the home.

Going further to ensure the parent is aware of the activities indulged in and the approval given would be an even stronger precautionary measure to take.

Also agreeing to stick to what has been planned without any sudden deviations is also something to impress upon the child unless prior approval is sought.

Teaching the child to avoid talking to strangers is the oldest rule in the book but often not really enforced, especially when the parent themselves allow a stranger to coo and chuckle with the adorable child.

At this stage the child perception of a stranger will often be distorted thus allowing them to be prey to strangers easily.

Taking gifts and accepting transportation from strangers is also something that should be discouraged and even vehemently drummed into the child’s mind.

Often a friendly offer from even a seeming known neighbor can be rather tempting, but sadly the child should be taught at a very early age not to accept such offers. Statistics have been able to show that those known to the child are usually the ones that initiate these negative situations.

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