Getting Filthy Rich From Simple And Easy-To-Create Information Products

Chapter 1: Producing Your Product What Can Your Information Product Be About?

There are a couple of things that must be mentioned before you begin to create your information product.

You still need to have your own web hosting and domain name that will allow you to host a 'mini site’ to showcase and deliver your information product for download.

Now in my opinion, one of the BEST registrars to get your domain name and hosting at for a reasonable price is HostGator. They make up for it with their reliability, commitment to customer service and exclusive benefits for customers. Ultimately the total cost of getting your own domain name and web hosting space will be peanuts considering the riches you’ll be getting out of it with information marketing.

Section I: Producing Your Product What Can Your Information Product Be About?

This section is a little more lengthy because for most, this could be the hardest step in the entire information marketing process.

The reason for this is because when you begin anything for the first time it always seems that much more difficult due to it being the very first time.

For some people, writing is an almost impossible task. Let me tell you though that writing an article, special report, or a 340 page ebook isn't any different than learning to roller blade.

However once you get the ‘hang’ of it, it becomes child’s play.

The best advice for this is to write about WHAT YOU KNOW. That makes everything so much easier. And don't think you don't know anything, because everyone knows something that will be of value to someone else.

(Note: You can create anything you want and you’d still be able to get people to purchase them simply by offering your customers a way to make money with your product. This can be resale rights, private label rights, an affiliate program etc. Simply by inserting a ‘moneymaking’ element into your product will get you more sales compared to the other way round.)

Nothing is ever written in stone when it comes to the internet.

A quick example is how many older books on marketing and selfimprovement have been storming onto the scene with the trend of Public Domain products. So if you think that your subject won't have any audience, you couldn't be more wrong.

Chances are good that someone will want to read what you have written even if they may have never heard of you. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that everyone has a unique way of looking at and solving certain problems. No two people see things the same.

Even if there are hundreds of ebooks, special reports, or articles on the same topic that you’re writing on, it won't be filled with the exact same information. That’s why you see literally thousands of ebooks covering the same subject matter with the author's own unique spin on it.

Lets get back to selecting a topic…

No matter which route you take, you should check if there’s a market for it first. You can do this by typing in your subject matter keyword here:

You can also do a quick search on a new keyword tool called ‘The Dowser’ available free here:

Simply type in the your keywords to see the number of people who are interested in learning more about your subject. It will also give you good information on the ratio of current websites on your subject compared to the number of searches for it.

This is not the only way to perform testing on your subject matter of course.

Forums are a fantastic way to ask some questions about your subject and get real answers from real people. It's also a wonderful way to find out how much interest there is from others about your topic.

To go one step further, you could ask specific questions and incorporate those into your ebook chapters based on the responses you get.

You can similarly visit the major search engines and check the supply and competitors. If there’re too many competitors in your subject topic with a low demand, you may want to rethink your topic.

Now before you begin writing, make sure you have the proper tool to begin with.

You can start out with the simple Notepad or WordPad tool that came with your computer. However, to cut through some additional formatting steps, i.e. - copying and pasting, etc., it's easier to use a tool with a more functions like Microsoft Word or the better, and FREE alternative, Open Office.

You can download a copy of Open Office at

You may also want to pick up the Open Office Suite. This is helpful to you if you don't have the more expensive

Microsoft Office or PDF Maker programs.

Well now that you have just the right writing tool, let's start writing your first information product.

Make a list of the things that you do or like to do. Whether it's your job, a hobby you enjoy, or caring for children or pets. Remember that things which we often take for granted or overlook because we do them on a constant basis may be something the market wants to know. Once again do your due research for demand and supply as mentioned above.

Look over the list you just created and choose a subject from it.

Here are a few example topics that might give you some starting ideas:

** Effective Marketing For Small Businesses

** Organic Gardening

** Japanese Bonsai Tree Growing and Care

** Low-Fat Dessert Recipes

** Delicious Italian Recipes

** Working with Leather

** Buying a Car with No Credit or Bad Credit

** Fly Fishing for Beginners

** Pit Bulls as Pets: A Positive Experience

** Choosing A Name For Your Dog

** Home-Made Cat Treat Recipes

** Having an Iguana as a Family Pet

** Being a Better Parent

** Making the Most Out Of Every Day

** Hot Air Ballooning

** Bird Watching For the Family

** Model Airplane Construction

** Coin and Currency Collecting

** Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing

** How to Play Football

** Learning to Play Tennis like A Pro

** Proper Car Tune Up Instructions

** Easy SAT Study Guide For College Students

** Carpet Laying For Dummies

** How to Build Your Own Tranquil Outdoor Garden Sanctuary

The more you narrow down your topic, the more specific the niche category will be and the less competition you'll have.

Pretty much any topic or subject can be turned into a profitable information product if you put the effort into it.
You don't have to have any knowledge about one particular subject, as you could always do research on the topic and create the product as you go along (more on this later).

Once you have your choice topic selected, it's time to begin really writing it up.

Now don't be afraid. This is easier than you might think. The way to write an information product is to write it as if you are explaining the subject to someone who has no previous knowledge of it or has never heard of what you are talking about.

Go from beginning to end. Leave out nothing, no matter how small the detail. Remember, most of the people that purchase your information product will be new to the whole process of your subject matter.

You would want to create an 'outline' for your product. I’ll show you how in the following pages.

Don’t be worried about the length of your product. There are more important things to be concerned with than something as trivial as length. Believe me, there are marketers out there selling 5-15 page reports like hotcakes.
This is because they have something unique to share. They also focus on the way in which they provide the information to their customers, making sure it’s good useful information. People pay for useful information not the length of the product.

Always remember to be as original as you can be. A good way to do that is to write like you speak. Doing so will also make the task of writing a LOT easier for you.

Nothing is perfect. Get your product out there even if there are a couple of typos or a point you forgot to cover. It doesn't matter. What matters most is that you start and finish it.

“You don’t have to get it perfect; you just have to get it going!” Now let us move up the pace a little, it’s time to go short and sweet…

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