Being A Public Speaking Celebrity

Chapter 1: Preparation Research And Content

The idea behind any speech preparation should be to ensure it is designed in a way that the listener will walk away from the session feeling completely informed on the given topic and interested enough to make further commitments. Get all the info you need here.

These three ingredients are the elements that make the overall speech a success. Ensuring these vital elements are included in the speech prepared will help the individual deliver a complete and wholesome presentation.

Get Prepared
In the preparation stage, it would be wise for the designer of the speech to have some knowledge about the audience the speech is being presented to. Armed with this knowledge, the individual can then work on the content that would be suitable for the audience palate. Failing to incorporate this delicate yet important feature into the content preparation, may cause the entire speech to be poorly received. This poor reception could be due to several reasons such as an inability to understand the subject matter, inability to understand the jargon used no interest in the subject matter and any other negative connotations that would affect the concentration span of the audience.

When commencing on the researching stage, it would be a good idea to ensure all information sourced, is done so in a manner that accredits the authenticity of the information given. This is very important, as the speech content should not be left open to the possibility of dispute by the listening audience. There is nothing worse than having an audience that challenges every fact being presented.

Ensuring the content itself is interesting and engaging will help to keep the audience entranced in the session, thus assuring its success. The presentation style, the research is done and the content design all contribute to the eventual success of the entire endeavor. Therefore equal care should be given to all these areas when designing a speech.


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