Step-By-Step Guide To Making Money Online

Chapter 1: – Picking A Niche

We’ve done a lot of surveys on our customer list, our forum, and training membership. And in every one, “Niche Research” is at or near the top of what people struggle with.

Fortunately, we’re going to go over a very easy niche selection process.

Your success or failure can easily be determined before you even create one bit of content. If the niche you enter into has no hungry buyers - it’s equivalent to selling a dead sheep’s fur to a housewife looking for a mop to clean her Persian rug…it’s not going to happen.

Although there are hundreds of profitable niches out there to choose from – my recommendation is to pick one where people are actively looking to solve a problem. I don’t want you to pick a niche where people couldn’t give a damn if they bought a solution today or next week. They must be actively searching for what you have to offer – and they must be willing to spend money to get it. Sound good? Cool.

1.a. - So What Niche Should You Enter Into?

The strategy I’m sharing with you in this course will work in any niche, but if you want to take the path of least resistance – I personally recommend you pick a niche where there’s pain involved. i.e. back pain, stop smoking, allergies, acne, anxiety etc…

If you have any experience in the health market, then go with whatever you feel comfortable writing about. And yes, you will be writing a couple of reports along the way – but don’t worry, I’ll give you a simple formula that makes this an absolute breeze.

1.b. - Is There A Market For Your Preferred Niche?

Okay, we need to find out if people are spending money on the “weight loss” niche. I think we both know that they are – but you may not have picked the same niche, so we must go through the necessary steps anyway. We also need some ideas for the content we’re going to create further down the line. The best way to find if there’s a market – is to check online for magazines and books related to the niche.

First: Go to and click on the “magazines” tab at the top left of the page. Now type your health-related problem into the search bar. If there’s a magazine on sale for your niche – you can be assured there’s a market for it. Here are the results that came back for the search term “weight loss”

Okay, it seems that “weight loss” is good to go – but as I mentioned earlier – success or failure can solely depend on whether we enter the correct niche from the beginning. With this in mind, I want to double check to make sure we get this right.

Go to and repeat the same process as you did on – in this case, I see there’s a boat load of books and DVD’s on “weight loss” – 11051 results are listed for sale here…

That’s 2 for 2 now with this niche (how are you doing with yours?) If you are having any trouble finding books or magazines so far, then I’m pretty confident you have chosen the wrong market to enter into. Go back over the previous steps and try another one. It’s ESSENTIAL you get the first stage of this process right.


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