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Chapter 1: Mental Health Basics


When you hear the term “emotional health or mental health”, what is the first thing that usually comes into your mind? According to researches, mental health normally includes social well-being pertaining to psychological and emotional standings. Mental health affects the way people think, act and feel. In addition to this, mental health also has the ability to help you determine the effective ways of how to handle your stress, make choices and relate to other people.

Mental health is essential in each stage of your life, from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. For those people who are experiencing mental health issues and problems, there is a great chance that your behavior, mood and thinking will be affected. There are different factors that usually contribute to your mental health issues and problems such as family history, life experiences that include abuse and trauma and biological factors that include brain chemistry and genes.

It is a fact that mental health issues and problems are very common however help and prevention is always available. People who are suffering from mental health issues and problems have a great chance to get better and recover completely. For those individuals who are experiencing mental health issues and problems, it is very imperative that you are familiar and aware about the warning signs of having mental health issues and problems. If you have positive and effective mental health, it will allow you to make meaningful contributions to your community, work productively, cope with stress and realize your full potential.

In addition to this, it is also important that you have an apparent and superior understanding about the effective and useful ways of how you can maintain your positive and effective mental health such as developing your coping skills, getting enough hours of sleep, helping others, getting physically fit and active, staying positive, connecting with other people and most importantly getting professional advice and help from experts.

Better Mind Better Life Better Living with Enhanced Mental Health

Chapter 1: Mental Health Basics Synopsis

According to studies, individuals who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the ability to control their behavior and emotions. They also have the capability to handle life trials and challenges, recover from serious seatbacks and build strong and healthy relationships with others. However, you need to bear in mind that if you want to maintain or build emotional health, mental health and physical health, effort, commitment, time and dedication is highly recommended.

It is true that enhancing your mental and emotional health is a rewarding experience that you will definitely love. Mental health can benefit all the salient aspects of your life such as adding enjoyment to your day to day activities, building resilience and most importantly boost your mood.
For those people who are experiencing emotional health or mental health problems, it is very important that they are familiar and aware about how to get rid of it in just a short period of time. Here, you will learn the real definition and significance of emotional health and mental health.

A Quick Glimpse to Emotional Health or Mental Health

Emotional or mental health usually refers to your overall psychological being. It also includes your ability to manage your emotions and feelings, build relationships, develop the way you look and feel about yourself and most importantly how you can deal with extreme difficulties. Mental health is not just about the absence of mental health issues and problems.

Being emotionally and mentally healthy is more than being free of psychological issues, anxiety and depression. The absence of emotional and mental health commonly refers to the presence of excellent characteristics. There are some people who don’t have negative emotions and feelings however they still need to do things that will make them feel good and positive to help them get a hold on their emotional and mental health. Individuals who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the following:

 High self esteem and self confidence
 They have the ability to maintain and build fulfilling relationships
 They have a balance between their play, work, activity, rest and a lot more
 They have the flexibility to know and learn new things and at the same time they can easily adapt it to change
 They have a great sense of purpose and meaning in their relationships and activities
 They have the ability to easily and effectively deal with life challenges and stress and bounce back from adversity

 They have the ability to have fun and laugh as well as they have zest for living
 People who are emotionally and mentally healthy have a great sense of tranquility and contentment.

The positive characteristics of emotional and mental health will allow you to easily participate in all the latest happenings in your life by having strong relationships, meaningful activities and being productive every single day. The effective and positive characteristics of emotional and mental health will greatly help you to quickly cope with life stresses, trials and challenges.

Warning Signs of Having Emotional or Mental Health Problems

Not all people are familiar and aware about the warning signs of having emotional or mental health issues and problems. For those people who want to know and learn about the warning signs of having emotional and mental health issues and problems, just check this out:

 Inability to execute daily activities and tasks such as getting to school or work and taking care of your family and kids
 Thinking of harming other people and yourself
 Believing things or hearing voices that are not real
 Having persistent memories and thoughts that you can’t easily get out of your mind
 Experiencing mood swings that can cause major problems in your relationships

 Fighting and yelling with friends and family
 Feeling unusually scared, worried, upset, angry, forgetful and
 Using drugs, drinking and smoking
 Feeling hopeless and helpless
 Having unexplained pains and aches
 Feeling numb
 Having no energy
 Pulling away from your usual activities and people
 Sleeping and eating too little or too much

Mental Wellness and Health
According to studies, positive and good mental health allows you to:
 Make evocative contributions to your community
 Work productively
 Cope with pressure and stress in life
 Realize your full potential

Effective Ways to Build and Maintain Positive and Better MentalHealth
 Developing your coping skills -9-

 Get accurate hours of sleep
 Helping other people
 Getting physically fit and active
 Staying positive
 Connecting with other people
 Getting professional guidance, advice and help especially if your need it

It is a fact that emotional and mental health issues and problems are quite common in different parts of the world. According to researches, many American adults experience mental health problems. In addition to this, young people also experience major depression and some Americans live with serious mental problem that includes depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Moreover, suicide is considered as the top notch cause of major death in Unites States of America.

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