The Best Article Marketing Methods

Chapter 1: Introduction To Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a method of generating traffic for your online business without any cost. Created early in the web 2.0 era, this method has been used ever since from marketers around the world to create online traffic streams till today.


One of the good things about article marketing as it has the ability of creating passive traffic. Which means, you’ll be getting traffic without having to actively be there. (We will see how in the next few chapters).

This seems like the ultimate choice especially for marketers who are on a shoestring budget. The essence of article marketing is that traffic generation relies on the articles content and SEO to draw traffic through search engines and from sites, which already have a huge following.

Article submission directories are places where people can submit articles to get more eyeballs for their websites. It is the bread and butter of using articles to draw traffic. In the next section, we will look at the basics for drawing traffic through articles instantly.

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