Learn About The Healing Power Of Acupuncture

Chapter 1: Introduction To Acupuncture

Think acupuncture, think needles. Primarily this is the way most people view the art of acupuncture. These needles are inserted into the skin but not too deeply; it would seem, at various locations to relieve pain or to correct a negative problem in a particular body part.

The Beginning

It is not surprising to note that this art form originated from ancient china. The early Chinese physicians discovered the energy network just below the surface of the skin which communicated and connects the exterior surroundings to the internal organs and the various individual body systems in over a thousand acupoints. These acupoints are found in specific strategic places all over the body.

By addressing the imbalances in the body system through these various acupoints the practitioner is able to restore harmony or address any negative occurrences.

The basic idea behind acupuncture is to correct the balance and restore it to an optimum positive functioning level. By correcting the balance, one corrects the problem.

Originally discovered as an ideal way to keep pain under control or eliminate it altogether, it then went on to explore the possibility in restore the individual’s health by seeking to correct the balance in the body system.
The assumption that this art form is painful as it consists of using needles as the primary way of approaching the treatment is totally unfounded. The needles are so delicately fine.

Ideally, the individual considering this form of treatment should be willing to commit to at least a dozen sessions before the optimum levels can be reached. However, some have attested to seeing results as quickly as after a few sessions only. There are also some who
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experience worsening conditions; this is because the body is in the process of correcting itself. Thus by sticking to the desired amount of sessions, eventual positive results will unfold.


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