The Secrets Of Massive Traffic Generation

Chapter 1: Introduction

This “course” was put together to help you get maximum benefits from your online marketing activities is composed of ten chapters. After you have gone over it or have undergone it, it is expected that you have acquired adequate knowledge on what traffic is, how it is generated, the various traffic generating strategies available these days and which of them suit you best.

Chapter 1 which is the introductory part, answers the questions: what is traffic and types of traffic. Afterwards, you will be given a preview of the contents of the succeeding chapters.

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Traffic is the number of number of people who visit your online sites. If you website is for business, you hope to convert the traffic into sales. This means that driving traffic to your sites is one of the crucial activities you have to do in order to achieve internet market success.

The Basics

Basically, there are three types of online traffic: paid traffic, free traffic and earned traffic.

Paid Online Traffic – Online marketers want their marketing

activities to be targeted so they pay for the services of networks and agencies that will help them find best and most effective online advertizing strategies. One of the most important ad strategies is the pay per click or PPC advertizing.

(1)PPC - This method allows you to place ads in the search results generated by search engines that used the targeted keywords you specified in your campaign. You pay a certain amount every time a searcher clicks on your ads and visits your website.

(2) CPM – In this method, it is presumed that a searcher has seen your ad in the website where ad happens to in. When a

thousand visitors have “seen” you are billed a certain amount. The amount depends on the bid you have placed with the network.

(3) CPV– Cost per View is another paid online advertizing method becoming increasingly popular. What you do is submit to the network of choice your capture page or website, supply your target market and keywords, and for a fee, the network will direct traffic generated by the keywords to either to your website or capture page.

There are other forms of advertizing, but these three are the most important these days.

Free Online Traffic simply means you do not have to pay money upfront for advertizing. You can use the free online advertizing sites like Backpage and Craiglist. You can also use the social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, and twitter. There is Ad Swap which is basically forging partnerships with other websites. You advertize your partner’s products in your website and he does the same for your products in his own site.

Earned Traffic is the traffic you get after hours, days and even months of writing and posting innumerable SEO loaded blogs to your website and website directories. It can also be the result of word of mouth where staff and satisfied customers spread the word that your products or services are good.

After having reviewed what traffic is all about and the various ways of generating it, let’s go through the rest of the material.

Chapter 2 answers the question: What is traffic generation? Which will be most helpful when you are deciding the kind of traffic you will want to have.

Chapter 3 discusses what kind of traffic generation will be suitable for you based on your inclinations, situation and needs.

Chapter 4 discusses strategies whether you are going for free or paid traffic.

Chapter 5 discusses the characteristics of good and stable traffic. Obviously, some traffic is useless or can dry up.

Chapter 6 discusses the factors that you should consider when choosing the type and strategy for campaigns.

Chapter 7 discusses the criteria for assessing the effectiveness of your strategy.

Chapter 8 discusses the returns on investment of such campaigns as PPCs.

Chapter 9 stresses the importance of traffic for generating sales and

provides some valuable tips on traffic generation.

Chapter 10 is a simple case study that tells about a website owner’s experiences about traffic generation. You will learn a lot of lessons from it.

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