How To Create Money Making Membership Sites

Chapter 1: Introduction

Firstly thank you very much for purchasing your copy of Membership Site Money Magic!

Have you ever thought for a small investment you could be earning such a fantastic profit?

A membership website is:
# Easy to set up!
#Easy to manage!
#Easy to market!
#Easy to make money!

Everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made on the internet these days, internet marketing is one of the most popular and lucrative areas to be involved in and building a membership website is a fantastic and simple way to get started making a lot of money with internet marketing and are used by many online marketing experts and even newbie’s too.

There are however certain membership website models which may suit you and your niche a little better as there is quite a few different models to choose from so in the chapter ‘Membership website models’ we will cover the different membership website models in more detail.

If I told you, that you could make a website in less than 1 hour, that would only require 1 hours worth of work a week and has the potential to make you over $10,000 a month would you believe me? You might not believe me now but after reading this guide I’m sure I can change your mind!

Membership websites are a fantastic source for many webmasters who want to charge there users for reading and downloading and literally just having access to their content.

Ok to start with let’s get strait into unveiling the secrets of membership sites, what are they about then? To start with I think it’s best if we just quickly cover some of the basics of why membership sites are a fantastic way to make money online pretty easily, simple with no
hassle for whatever niche you choose to work with, lets quickly go over there basic mechanics and revenue model, see what there all about briefly and then we’ll go into the more hardcore stuff a little later on.

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