Pinterest Tactics for Business

Chapter 1: How to Use Pinterest

Getting Started

So let’s get started! Very briefly I will show you how to get started with Pinterest just in case you do not know.

However, we don't want to dwell too much on this because a lot of this is self explanatory on the site itself. Now the first thing you have to do is get signed up. The site at this time still has a process where you can't just get signed up in the usual fashion. You have to either get invited by a Pinterest user or sign up for a waiting list. If you sign up without an invite you’ll be placed on the waiting list. In times past, it varied when they would get back to you for an invite.

But as of this writing, Pinterest states that it should take about a week to get your invite back from them. The second way to get invited or get signed up is to ask for an invite from a user already on Pinterest. Look to some Facebook friends who may already have accounts with Pinterest. Browse through their timeline and see if they have Pinterest linked to their Facebook accounts. Once you see it, ask them for an invitation. And then you’re in! Setting Up your Virtual Pinboards–Once you’re in, you’ll be met with an array of standard boards and some pre-set categories. Now you can really begin with this preset of boards. Or you can edit and create more with your own topics.

Pinterest Tactics for Business Now you can start to add your collection of images dedicated to each individual Pinboard.

Suggestion: Go over the exact topics you should place into these pinboards that directly relate to your business.

How to Start Pinning Images–You can begin pinning pics in several different ways:

 Repinning: You can fill up your boards easily by browsing the current pictures in Pinterest and re-pin those pics to your individual boards. So you can have a collection of different pictures you can display to your incoming traffic or followers almost instantly.

 “Pin It” Button-You have what they call the pin it button which you can place on Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer browsers. The pin it button works pretty much flawlessly once you get started using it. Go to the About tab at the top and hit ‘Pin It Button’. Just drag and drop the [Pin it] box to your bookmarks bar and you can start pinning pics from virtually any site.

 iPhone/iPad App-You can start pinning pics on the go with the iPhone Pinterest app. You can use your camera or repin from your mobile device.

Once you set up your account, you’ll be prompted to integrate Facebook and Twitter. Currently Pinterest will not integrate with business fan pages on Facebook, however they do encourage you to register through your Business Twitter Account. Gift Pins are created when you put a price beginning with a “$” in the description of your particular image. This will place a banner on the left-hand side of your image displaying the price in the product that you have displayed. It will also place your image in the ‘Gifts’ category as well.

Followers-And just like any other social media site today, you have the ability to follow and have followers. Having a substantial amount of followers is one of primary goals for marketing on any site. Pinterest included. Comments-You still have the ability to make comments or receive comments. And getting around, being social and commenting on other pics will enhance your relationships with others.

Likes-And you have the always popular “like” button which has been a trendsetting social button for quite some time. It'll be wise to take advantage of it and direct others to, at the very least, like your pics. All of these options are needed to develop a connection with your followers and build your brand even further. Now let's learn how to use Pinterest in a way where you are stirring up the right type of audience to your boards and ultimately to your business.

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