Discover The Power of Hypnosis

Chapter 1: How Hypnosis Works

According to Wikipedia, hypnosis is “a mental state or imaginative role enactment”. It can be induced by a professional, or self-administered through self-suggestion.

There are two major types of hypnosis. Stage hypnosis is the kind you see at magic shows. For therapeutic purposes, it is known as hypnotherapy, and it is intended for useful purposes rather than entertainment.

A popular misconception about hypnosis is that it’s a form of unconsciousness that is similar to sleep. Research has shown that hypnotized individuals are fully awake, but are simply focusing attention
on something specific. They have an increased response to suggestions, which is why hypnosis can cause people to do certain things when asked.

Some hypnotists believe that they are communicating with an individual’ssubconscious mind, and other believe they are communicating primarily with the conscious mind. No one knows for sure which is the case.

However, we have learned that most individuals cannot be forced to do something they would not normally wish to do on some level. For example, you could not force someone who hates beets to suddenly like
them, but you could get someone who wants to stop smoking to do so.

This is why hypnosis is such a powerful tool for making changes in your life. Using hypnosis, you can make suggestions to yourself that help you finally achieve something you have so far been unable to achieve.

Since hypnosis works with the conscious mind, it can help one accomplish things they truly want to do. If you want to want to lose weight, hypnosis can help convince your mind to stick to it. If you want to quit smoking, it can convince your mind that smoking is bad. If you want to stop biting your fingernails, hypnosis can help your mind prevent you from doing it.

Traditional hypnotherapy sessions can be prohibitively expensive. They aren’t often covered by insurance, so a lot of people can’t afford them. This is one reason for the rising popularity of self-hypnosis.

Using self-hypnosis techniques, you can put yourself into a hypnotic state, then make suggestions to yourself. In this report, I’m going to teach you some powerful techniques you can use to hypnotize yourself in the
comfort of your own home!

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