How To Build A Big Business By Learning The Art Of Outsourcing

Chapter 1: How Businesses in the 21st Century Are Different from Earlier Businesses

Businesses have changed. The change is for the better.

As we all know, the way businesses were done before has totally changed in our age. Technology has totally changed the way we look
at business methods in terms of marketing, execution, service and other related aspects. The computers have become a lifeline of our
business and day-to-day lives. With the help of the latest software applications, computers can execute the work of more than 5 to 6
people and indirectly provide with a great amount of time and financial savings.

Nowadays, people are using emails, blogs and websites as a means of communication which helps us to save time and money, it also helps
our customers to know about our service as and when they want. Customer service has become far better due to technological

In this 21st century, even the way we promote our business has totally changed due to change in thinking of buyers. For example, earlier we
used to depend on paper ads but now this is getting changed drastically by the use of online classified ads, TV and radio and ads
many other new options that have become available for us to promote our products and services.

Previously, it would be very difficult to get to know how a particular business operates and how they are performing in their business. Hence, it was difficult for businesspeople to keep an eye on each other. However, that has now become possible through the various
means available on the Internet.

Companies can find out about the tastes of people at the click of a mouse and can thus hone their products so that they become better
acceptable to their market. This has direct bearing on the kinds of profits they make. All this was not possible with businesses earlier.

Businesspeople were more or less shooting in the dark, guessing what people would like and play accordingly.

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