The Power Of The Entrepreneur’s Mind

Chapter 1: Be Crystal Clear

When individuals sign up to your e-zine, the first letter they get ought to be a personal message from you to them telling them what they may expect as a subscriber and why it’s a great idea to stay subscribed and study every single e-mail you send them.
Almost no one executes this.


Your beginning message sets the tone for everything you do later on. If you don’t set the correct tone up front, it’s going to take you much longer to “loosen up” your readers before they’ll purchase something from you.
When you make your beginning few emails about them and their needs, they’ll begin to wonder if you've something for them to purchase. That’s a great position to be in as it places your readers in a more receptive mood when you really do present them with a direct offer.

Place your own agenda on hold for a moment.

Remember this… Perception is truth. Put differently, whatever somebody believes to be the reality is the reality to him or her.

With that in mind, isn’t it in your better interest to “control” (as much as conceivable) what your readers trust to be reality? You may control (to a great extent) how individuals perceive and respond to you by cautiously presenting yourself the way you wish them to see you.

If you wish your readers to react to you in a positive way, you have to provide them a solid reason to buy giving them what they wish before expecting to acquire what you wish. This will become more clear as you read on. Remember, individuals care about themselves first.
Consider it…

Individuals have nothing to base their views of you on other than the individual/image you purposely or accidentally deliver for them to judge. As soon as you do the same things most of your rivals do, you get tagged as on of them even if you’re not.

That’s why it’s so crucial to make your intentions crystal clear right from the beginning. Do something that your rivalry hasn’t dreamt up doing as they’re only considering themselves and what they wish. Not what their readers require from them first.

Believe it or not, individuals may pick up on your intentions.
If they can’t (as you haven’t made your intentions distinctly known) they’ll simply guess at what your intentions are and for whatever cause, whenever somebody has to guess at what your intentions are, they'll almost never consider anything favorable.

Your intentions (or at any rate what you may get other people to think your intentions are) have the might to move them to do things for you they wouldn’t dream of doing for anybody else.

Are you simply trying to quietly slip into people’s e-mail inbox or are you introducing yourself and distinctly stating your intentions for being there so they may feel easy about letting you into their space?
Regrettably, individuals have been disciplined not to expect much from free info so clearly expressing your intentions is a downright must. If you don’t, individuals will automatically assume that you only write to them so you may send them advertising.

That might be true but you don’t want individuals to feel that.

Too many individuals are teaching you to establish your list without teaching you what to do with your list as you establish it.

Nearly everybody who joins your list will at least study the first message you send to them and reconcile their minds about you based on that first e-mail.

Acknowledging this, doesn’t it now appear obvious that your first email is the most crucial and that you ought to do everything in your power to make certain individuals have the correct “picture” of you and your aims in their heads so they don’t draw their own conclusions about you?

Letting individuals draw their own conclusions is nearly never good.

Don’t leave it up to your subscribers to work out why you've an e-zine as they won’t come up with a great reason. Tell them why. Tell them why they ought to wish to be a subscriber/stay subscribed and how come they ought to listen to what you have to say.

Rehearse making that additional effort to positively influence the way you're “coming across”. Practice is the only way you’re going to discover how to accomplish this. You'll begin to understand (just like I now do) that you may make individuals see you anyhow you wish them to.

There are 3 things you may do today to alter the way individuals see you. How individuals see you mainly has to do with the sort of individual you purposely or accidentally exhibit for them to see.

With that in mind …

1) Assess your present image. Are your subscribers doing what you wish them to do? Are they purchasing from you? Are they at least taking the time to view the products you recommend to them? If not, take a truthful view yourself and ask yourself if you’re presenting an individual that's worth (or seems to be worth) listening to and purchasing from.

If not, take steps to make yourself be or at any rate look to be that type of individual. All individuals really care about is their goals and anybody who appears to want to help them accomplish those goals.

2) Take a good view your environment. Generally you wish to do the opposite of what the majority of others do as being a part of the “herd” will get you what the “herd” gets. A little share of whatever they’re battling over. You have to remove yourself from the group and do what it takes to demonstrate to your subscribers that you're different from the average free info publishing, commission-hungry, only care about themselves marketers.

Only individuals who do what others aren’t doing get acknowledged. Period. If you’re doing the same thing everybody else is doing then why would likely customers pay any attention to you at all? You can't have a “me too” business. Take a little time to work out what others in your market (your rivals) are doing so you may see how to consciously make yourself look better than they do.

3) Work out what your subscribers want and provide it without thinking so much about what’s in it for you. I recognize that doesn’t sound correct but what you have to comprehend is that individuals are loyal to others who are loyal to them. You can’t expect your subscribers to do something for you when you aren’t willing to do something for them first off so you have to be amenable to be the one to pioneer the relationship. Extend your hand and invite your subscribers to accept your invitation.

Your chief job is to serve your subscribers. Not to get them to purchase from you. They'll purchase, but only when they feel like you’ve done a great job of catering to their needs first of all.

Only by taking an active interest in the needs of your subscribers will they in turn take an active interest in your needs. Sounds easy but it’s easy to get blinded by the dollar sign and forget that actual individuals are subscribed to your list. Once you work out what the needs of your subscribers are and strive to satisfy those needs, you won’t have any issues making as much revenue as you want with your list.

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