Self Defense For Women

Chapter 1: Basic Self-Defense Moves for Women

Part of defending oneself from an attacker is discerning when to stay in place and convince the attacker to set you free and knowing when you should run. This is where self-defense techniques might apply. Your body is a potential weapon which you can use against any attacker.

1. Elbow Jab – Many women are not aware that their elbows could be their best friend during assaults or attacks. This is because elbows are sharp and can cause damage or pain when striking an attacker. On the other hand, women have to learn how to throw their weight to execute an elbow jab. This move is simple since you only have to twist your waist and use your lower and upper half to maximize the power of your elbow swing. It is best to aim for the attacker's nose, groin, ribs, throat, or diaphragm to incapacitate him/her temporarily. This way, you have a chance to get away from the attacker.

2. Hand Defense Moves – Hands may provide comfort and affection but they can also be of great use for different defense moves other than punching. Since most women do not have sufficient upper body strength as compared to men, punching is not a good idea for defense. It is easier and better to use your hands. You can use your hands for clawing or poking the eyes of the attacker. Hands are also best to use for twisting, tearing, or pinching the sensitive areas of the attacker. If the attacker is a man and you opt to use your hands to defend yourself, it is advisable to aim for the inner thigh area that is near the groin.

You can also aim for the attacker's upper inside of the arm, and other groin areas. These are the areas that are most vulnerable to damage or pain.

3. Head Butt – It is a fact that heads are hard because of the thickness of the skull. As such, they can cause great damage or pain to the attacker. You could use your head to head-butt your attacker or break his tooth or bone. You can easily execute a head butt regardless if you are attacked from the front or behind. Although head butting can also hurt you, it can cause more severe damage to your attacker. A head butt to the nose bridge is especially painful.

4. Knees Defense Move – Most women are shorter than men. Thus, women can easily use their knees to aim for the groin area of a male attacker. The kneecap is strong and can cause a male to temporarily become defenseless especially if hit in the groin area.

5. Teeth Attack – If there is no other way to defend or protect yourself from your attacker, you can opt to bring pain upon him/her using your teeth. Although it may cause a broken or chipped tooth, you still have a chance to get away from your attacker by biting him.

6. Feet Defense Move – One of the most effective body parts that you can use for self-defense is your feet. The ball of a foot is perfect for stepping or stomping on the instep of your attacker. The ball of your foot can also cause pain to the Achilles tendon, calf area, or ankle of your attacker.

It is always best to discern or assess your assault situation so that you can easily execute the perfect self-defense move suited for such a situation. Following the instincts of your body would ensure your safety when defending yourself from an attacker.

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