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Chapter 1: Background and His Plan

The word “Give” was cited 869 times in the Scripture, while the word ”Gave” was brought up 633 times. The word “Offer” was noted 123 times, while the word “Offered” was brought up ninety times. “Tithe” was brought up 13 times, while “tithes” 15 times.

Overall, the theme of giving or being generous was cited in the Scripture 1,713 times, therefore making this as among the most highly accented themes in the Word of God. This is why regardless what they say against tithing or giving or as becoming generous as they ignorantly say it to be “unscriptural”, never believe them, as we ought to only believe and believe on God and His words as He has stated.

And even if yet, you don't believe about the idea of becoming generous, I do hope that our simple word search will provide you the idea of how crucial this is in life.

I attempted comparing the word “love” or the theme of “to love”: the word love was noted 513 times, while the word loved was observed 89 times, and lastly the word “loves” 68 times. Total, these sum up to 670 times.

Observe that “LOVE” is the key theme of the Bible, the quintessential spirit behind the law and the prophets, but the thought of giving and becoming generous as a practical use of love was indeed given a bigger emphasis in the Scripture, and giving or becoming generous is an expression of that love from the higher power, just as He gave us His Son. One may give without loving, but one can't love without giving.

The Path

If one gives to be a blessing to other people it ought to be in the heartfelt inner motives of love, even as God gave us His Son out of His Agape or unconditional love, when the target of His love, i.e., Human beings, isn't even worthy of such love!

Knowing this, we'll discuss here God’s design for us in line with generosity, being a blessing and financial freedom, as our expressions of how God loves us and blesses us to become a blessing is manifested by our giving and generosity. This is our heartfelt expression of our love for God and humanity.

God’s design For All individuals: “That we'll be blessed”

In Genesis I'll make you into a great nation and I'll bless you; I’ll make your name great, and you'll be a blessing. I’ll bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I'll curse; and all masses on earth will be blessed through you.
This promise was executed when Christ came to save all the masses, as He was the promise. Now let us attempt to see some more inside truths in that passage.

As we may see here in the passage, God utilized Abraham for his elemental purpose, i.e., to become a blessing to all lives on earth. For him to become a blessing, he was blessed firstly by the higher power. This is why God said in verse 2; I'll make you into a great nation, as Abraham's becoming blessed firstly by God. Just how may Abraham bless other people or give blessings to other people, if he wasn't firstly blessed by God.

You are able to only bless other people if you're blessed first. Therefore, the same thing is genuine with us. God blessed us in every way at the beginning to become a blessing to other people, i.e. to be generous in every means possible.

In the Holy Scripture, you'll always see the analogy of sowing seeds and reaping in comparison to contributing and getting. In agriculture, no farmer reaps without even planting the seeds first of all.

There ought to be a plant or seed, implanted or sown by the farmer, and in the suitable time, he will reap a crop, after patient cultivation and nourishing of the developed seeds. It's essentially following God's preordained law of seeding and harvesting, i.e., sow seeds and harvest more abundant seeds from the yields to become the blessings of food. Such law is as certain as the Law of Gravity and the force of Thermodynamics in nature.

Then putting some seeds aside (i.e., not to be consumed) may begin another seeding - harvesting cycle, which the Lord distinctly ordained after the origination of plants. And in Eden, he made Adam as the inaugural farmer to tend His garden. And as He ordered after the worldwide flood that ruined the whole earth and only Noah's family was spared, the cyclical principle and seasonality of seeding and harvesting may be distinctly seen reestablished in:
Genesis: While the world remained, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summertime and wintertime, and day and night shall not end.

Note this, the higher power first provided us the seed to plant, just as He first provided Christ as the 1st seed for the gospel to be sown to the entire planet. He blessed us first for us to discover how plant seeds. The seed that He gave us isn't simply for own self use, but as well for planting to produce more fresh seeds to duplicate the cycle of becoming blessed with the seeding - harvesting principle.

Likewise, a farmer doesn't sell all he may reap, nor consume everything he may reap. He will have to allow a few seeds for sowing for the fresh cultivating time of year or cycle, and then allow a few seeds for consumption and marketing as sharing God's blessing of nutrients. The scriptural example is the wheat that blesses humanity with bread to eat.

Deuteronomy But recall the Almighty your God, for it is he who provides you the power to produce wealth, and so sustains his covenant, which he swore to your forefathers, as it is now.

Who provides the power of the people to grow wealth? It's God who provides us the seed to sow and plant to bless us with nutrients. It isn't even us who makes the seeds to plant, it's God Himself, who produced them and owns the land to plant them in and the water to feed them besides the sunshine for the plant to produce its own cellular nutrients, and we're merely only taking part as His workfellows in being stewards of His produced order.

We're only co- working with Him to employ His laws of seeding - harvesting. If we toil in cultivating and nourishing the plant for us to harvest for our food, and then duplicate the process of seeding - harvesting brings cycles of blessings.

All we have to accomplish is to discover how to plant seeds. We may learn from even the uneducated sodbuster that has his own training from his pragmatic experiences.

Occasionally, God provides us seeds, but rather than sowing them, we consume them all and find no more seeds to sow to harvest fresh blessings afterwards.

So, rather than reproducing the seeds further by allowing some for sowing, we eat them all and will be miserable and hungry later with no more crop to be expected!

This is why a lot of us are still so inundated with poverty

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