How To Make A Killing From Adsense

Chapter 1: Adsense Profits

Welcome to the profitable world of Adsense, one of the most effective, passive income strategies online.

If you are brand new to Adsense, I suggest spending some time reviewing the Adsense Support pages as well as their online Glossary. Both of these areas provide extensive information on what Google Adsense is all about, as well as how to register your account and get things started.

The Adsense Profits guide doesn't cover the basic start up information, and assumes that you have a working Adsense account, and a website in which to publish your ads.

Instead of taking you through chapter after chapter of basic information, I focus on showing you exactly how to increase your Adsense income, while building highly profitable Adsense campaigns that will run on complete automation.

And that's truly one of the most lucrative aspects to Adsense profits. You can set up entire campaigns that will generate passive income, without ever having to update your ad positioning or placement, once you have gone through the initial set up and 'tweaking' phase.

This Adsense profit guide will make doing that exceptionally easy, even if you are brand new to Adsense.

In addition, regardless of what you have been told, it doesn't matter what kind of website you have, or your overall topic or theme; you can still monetize your entire website with Adsense.

I will show you exactly how to increase click through rates, monetize hidden areas of your website, optimize every advertisement block you feature on your site, as well as how to maximize your income by integrating additional advertising programs, including Google's own referral program.

Let's get started!

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