Law Of Attraction: Focus And Enjoy Your Occupation And Career

Chapter 1: About Your Occupation

Your occupation has 2 components: your medium and your content.   

Understand The Parts

Many individuals consider their careers in terms of the medium, which is the particular technique you utilize to express yourself. For instance, you may say that I'm an author, speaker, or blogger, as those exemplify some of the media outlets I utilize to convey myself. Most career titles are specified in terms of expressive media, including physicians, attorneys, policemen, teachers, pilots, etc. The content of your occupation is at least as crucial as the medium.

Your medium is how you convey yourself, but your content is what you convey. My content is about consciously developing as a human, but I may convey that same content through separate media.
I may write about it, talk about it, or even make a film about it if I wished to. Somebody else may utilize these same media to convey a completely different message.

For instance, a physician’s content may be about healing, consideration, scientific discovery, training, verve, or an assortment of other possibilities. Simply because 2 individuals share a similar medium doesn't imply that they share the same content.

Really often individuals identify themselves with the medium of their careers. This is a big error. Your medium is simply a shell; it can't specify you as an individual. You are able to anticipate that your occupation medium will alter over time, but your content will be much less changing.

Your content is who you are, although your medium is merely how you decide to convey yourself.

A long time ago, I decided to convey myself through the medium of direct sales. Nowadays I prefer authoring and speaking. Many years from now, I might be doing something completely different, but my fundamental content of conscious development is unlikely to alter much. Likewise, your real occupation path is about your content, not your medium.

In this course, you'll research career development in great detail, with attention to both your medium and your content. To have a satisfying occupation, you have to identify your core content and adopt a suitable medium for conveying it.

Unless you're already ludicrously passionate about your current state of affairs, there's a great chance that your medium is a pitiful match for your content.

If you merely fell into your present profession, you might need to make substantial changes to realign yourself with reality, affection, and might. Adjusting such issues won't be simple, but you ought to know by now you are worth it.

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