Healing Power Of Hologram Therapy

Chapter 1: About The Hologram

The model of holographic healing is based upon a hologram, and on the fact that we ourselves are holograms.

The Basic Info

A hologram is a three-d image that you are able to walk around inside of, that appears entirely real, but is made of relative frequencies of light.

Whenever you take a holographic look at an apple, slice it into a thousand pieces, and radiate a thousand lights through every of those petite pieces, every one will make a whole apple. You can't split it into pieces.

And there is more data stored on one square inch of a holographic image than you are able to even imagine. Modernistic physics has discovered that it's likely that the human brain, the entire human system, and as a matter of fact the whole of the universe is a hologram. It is made of frequencies and it appears real, but it is not.

Even this physical body which appears so concrete is in reality a field of energy frequencies. If we are a hologram as the physicists aim, we are an infinite field of relative frequency, and inside our system everything is stored, all knowledge, all wiseness, the divine, all history of evolution is stacked away in the hologram that we are.

This is a fresh paradigm, a pitch in our sight of the world from the old Cartesian model to a vision of the human system of rules as frequencies of pulsing power.

Each frequency has sound and light through it, and the state of these relative frequencies influence the state of our body, our emotions, our brain and our life. In India, the masters of the soul state that the soul, which is who we genuinely are, is the equivalent of 12 suns of our world. That sort of energy and power is the possibility of who we are; however it's something we don't even start to recognize.

Hologram therapy can as well be the procedure of adorning oneself with hologram jewelry for life enhancement. It focuses around wearing plastic holograms purported to resonate with relative frequencies that react positively with the putative energy field of the body. Promoters borrow from constructs in crystal healing, vibrational medicine, energy medicine, and physics. The holograms are printed on stickers, plastic wristbands, and pendants.

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