Infertility: Causes, Diagnosis, Risks, Treatments


Many people are ignorant of the fact that around 35-40% of all cases of infertility are caused by the male. Generally most people relate any cause of infertility problems to female. But the fact is that male infertility is also much high as the female. Some causes of infertility in male such as low sperm count are much known by people, but there are yet others which people hardly know.


Low sperm count also referred to as poor sperm mobility is a major cause of infertility in male. There are also other environmental and biologically related factors that can lead to low sperm count. Age is a greater determinant of sperm production, it determines the fertilization rate. It is recorded that the fertilization rate in men with age less than 39 is 60% while for men older than 40 years is 30%.

However, some factors and conditions like stress, impotence also premature ejaculation can cause a reduction in sperm count. With this reason, it is often advisable to make your plans on how you can reduce stress. You should also try and work on the mental and emotional factors behind the issue of premature ejaculation and impotence before taking up the medical treatment aspect.

It is well known for both smoking and substance abuse to be the cause of sperm count and mobility reduction. Studies have shown that men who smoke often have lesser libidos, so they have less sex. Also men suffering from poor diets or deficient of vitamin C, selenium, zinc or folate are subjected to having a low sperm count. Overheating the testicles can lead to a case of temporary low sperm counts, and this is mostly due to things like hot tubs, saunas, high fever or even wearing underwear that causes the testicles to sit much closer to the heat of the body. It is advisable to wear short boxers to prevent this.

To-much surprises, one of the highest impotence and infertility cause in men is bicycling. This is possible because pressure exerted from the bike seat can cause damage to the sensitive blood vessels and nerve which causes erection and conduct the flow of blood to the area between scrotum and anus known as perineum. This can affect the scrotum and testicle and lead to a reduction in sperm production.

For this cases we highlighted, most infertility specialist will happily recommend drugs and medication with the aim of increasing sperm count for a boost in body sperm production. Coincidentally, these are closely related to those that stimulate ovulation. There are side effects accrued to using these drugs, such as clomiphene and hMG which can lead to blurred vision, weight gain and can even damage the liver. The truth is, there are many safe and natural ways to increase sperm count without using drugs or medications


Sometimes, infertility in mean can be due to tube blockages in the vas deferens or epididymis which are the tubes that transport sperm. The leading cause of male tube blockage is varicose veins within the testicles. However, tube blockage can also be caused by some sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Most times, doctors advise an option of surgery to repair the varicoceles, but the downside about the surgical solution is that after the successful perform of the surgery, it will take up to 6 and 9 months before a male will be able to impregnate a woman. Once again, there are various safe and natural treatments available to help solve these issues, but many people don’t seem to consider them.

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